secret crush

Angel Mist

Venus and Earth,

Too far, yet so different.

Like night and day,

So impossible to entwined.


We are both strangers,

Not even know and like you.

But now I'm just like a magnet,

Can't stop being drawn to you.


So cold and arrogant.

But as I look in your eyes,

So delicate and warmth.

The eyes that can never lie.


Crystal, beautiful like the moon in the sky,

Surrounded by shining night stars.

Unknowingly the existence of a day star,

Hiding in the comfort of a wall in clouds.


Just like Jack Frost,

Always waiting to witness the beauty of the moon.

That can never be nourish,

But can only be perceive.


You are the dream,

That can only be imagine.

I am the dreamer,

That lives in reality.


Just stay blest and divine.

The label that they call you,

It's just a byname, its not who you are.

Don't be hurt and SMILE. 

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If She Knew

"If she knew I had a crush for her,
would she then returned the favor
and crush my heart? Age is only a
number divided by maturity, if the
possibility came to be, she would
never go without. If she knew."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

blue eye!

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Could She Be?!

I think of her constantly, her smile,
long black hair, her brown smooth
complexion, her lips I want to
taste...her body explore, rehearse
poetry upon her breast, nipples to
Could she be the one; the unspoken
words of my heart, the memories
to become-
She is my friend now; I want her
so bad, to make her my lady, and
hoping for more...the mother of
my child.
If she is reading this, I hope she
Could she be the one I come home
too, call my own, give her my all,
make love and poetry in bed until
the break of a new day-
Maybe she does not see me the
same way, and I am fooling myself,
but only time will tell...
She is gorgeous, independent, a
true woman in every form, a
beautiful mother to a son; it is
obvious I like understand
me, support my gift; the risk of
losing your friendship prevent me
from making a move...
So instead I wrote this poem,
non-subliminally saying, "I want
to love you!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If she only knew...yet, I think she knows!!

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