I Dreamed a Little Dream...

October 2015

I Dreamed a Little Dream...


And now.....

I'll find a quiet corner 

And wait for god,.......to

Explain of love. 

And it's, mystical feelings.

Why, tears fall.

And why, your lovers breath, tastes sweeter ......

than, the nectar of the gods!

If I threw my wish upon the tide.

Who would now share, 

my thoughts of love?

Do dreams, really crash upon the shore ?

Or merely cause, ripples..... on the sand ?

Would they still remain, or... recede, within the waves ?

I'm trapped, within a dream !

And a fantasy to,your devotion!

I need you to return, to set ...me free.

Where dreams, are merely, dreams....

I wished, upon .....a romance .

And it failed ....

I'm cast adrift...



upon life's seas.


Giajl © Jim Love

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Beautiful, Giajl! 

Beautiful, Giajl! 

Copyright © morningglory