I Promise

I promise that I will ever love you,

I promise that I will never doubt you,

I promise that I will consider your family as mine,

I promise that our mutual journey will be fine.


I will never yell at you,

I will never let you down; it is true,

I will take you to the dinner sporadically,

I will be a good listener eventually.


I will say sorry at once,

If I hurt you ever by chance!

I will be a good husband,

A gentleman, a reliable friend.


I will cry with you,

I will laugh with you,

I will walk with you in the rain,

Holding your hand over and over again.


I will dare to steal the stars for you,

I will charm you gifting with something new,

I will be your breath,


Defending you, I will not even hesitate to fight against death!


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