Am I

Am I out of the doghouse?

Am I getting a second chance?

Am I finding new love?

Am I worthy of a second glance?

Am I your friend?

Am I your flame?

Am I yours in the end?

Am I just your game?

Am I worthy of love?

Am I fighting for your heart?

Am I losing your hand?

Am I quick, am I tart?

Am I revovering here?

Am I ever escaping?

Am I asking the right questions?

Am I ever relating?

Am I being sincere?

Am I merely prattling?

Am I conquering my fears?

Am I uselessly battling?

Am I in purgatory?

Am I in the midst of redemption?

Am I misreading the story?

Am I using proper inflection?

Am I losing you forever?

Am I at the start?

Am I getitng the answer "never"?

Am I winning your heart?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretty girls make me so nervous, so I stupidly avoid/ignore. Such noobery

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