What If For Once

What if 
For once
Instead of
Pushing each
Other around
And beating others down
We used our hands
To lift each other up
And helped 
Heal each other instead
What if 
We for once
Turned blind hate

Into informed love
And on each other
We never again
Looked down
What if
Instead of using 
Our words
To do harm
And drag
Others down
To a level
We can't even
Stand ourselves
What if we
Learned then
To teach

While learning
And used them
To stand up
For ourselves

And others
And instead 
Of going to

War after war
Often for reasons
About which
We are lied to
We focused more
On saving lives
On our own streets

Children with 
Or without their family
Dying from the cold
Violence and never
Getting nearly
Enough to eat 
What do you think society?
What if we did these things
And the world did end up
On some level
Better than
It was before
Don't you think
It would be at least
Giving it a fair shot
Because the world right now
Is one big slice of hell
One we created ourselves
And at least trying to
Do something
Would be better than
The non action
We got now 

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