In The Darkness Guns Roared once

October 2015

In The Darkness Guns Roared once 


Back at home, alone, you'd weep.

While I, in foreign lands...

I, laid down my my life !

So that safe at night, you'd... sleep.

Ten long years, and more.

We've fought, that chaotic war.

Against followers, of Allah, and their swarming hoards.

And now, 

I'm back home, with my promise.

That no longer, will I roam !

For now, I'm needed !

Due to politicians ineptness, and, the greed of lawyers.

The sons of thieves, and cowardly bombers.

The enemy...

Have stormed our shores.

And are knocking on the door.

And it's not safe.... at home!





Giajl © Jim Love

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masquerades as national security policy - no long term strategy, just keep the middle east in a boil, kill some civilians in retaliation for bad intel, then used satellites and drones to kill individuals and some collaterals. Russia is pissed, China has our payroll and is pissed and is stretching it's Red wings. Syria, why Syria - there is nothing there. We should just take the oil fields - at least that would be a clear target without all this dancing around. I'm pissed, my infrastructure is crumbling.