you lost a pearl while playing in the sand.

you lost a pearl while playing in the sand 2015




time is stands still when you're sad yet every one is going way to fast


you stand there long after she's gone and thinking i thought it would last


but your lies were like a festering boil to her and it was too much to withstand


her last words to you made there point you lost a pearl while playing in the sand


all you did was play with her feelings and that is something she couldnt take part


over and over she told you she wanted more but all you did was break her heart


slowley her feelings changed all because you didnt give in to her demand


you distanced your self and now you realise you lost a pearl while playing in the sand


all you ever did was make promises and broke every one and slowely she gave up


so because of your fear of commitment you lost the girl who could have been the one


and now your standing there all alone all because her feelings didnt matter none


so now you must move on with out her and feel an emptiness you can not stand


and now forever you'll know that you lost a pearl while playing in the sand






Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one out of experience with a guy who was not ever home  hope you like it


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3 Rules Of Love

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Stress da life // stress da love // stressed // wen all dis stress jus comes to shove // 3 rules of love // respect, trust & us // is dat to much to ask for my love // with out no trust there's no respect & with no respect da love slowly fades // all 3 of these rules u must obey // a niqqa get tired of tellin his girl wat to do // I'm trying to be ur man // not ur father too // love can't last on jus love alone // I'm sorry to say but this truth has been shown // so ima take a break from da stress to focus on skool // & trust me wen I say I'm not trying to be cruel // I jus need time to regain my fuel //& baby u will always be my jewel // so jus try to understand where I'm coming from // becuz my vision is set on da outcome.


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Me & My Girl ; That Independent Pearl

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Make that clit twitch ; tell a bitch aint no lie ; i'll suck ur pussy dry ; I aim to please make a girl feel free ; kiss her lips grab her hips ; then go down & kiss them other two lips ; slam her agianst that wall ; make her scream for more ; push her up to da ceiling ; put my tounge inside her get her tingling ; if she les i make her striaght if she bi i make her beg ; cuz im that drug that makes a bitch an addict ; & make hoes wanna overdose but i say no cause i want my pearl ; that independent girl that can tell a nigga no ; but can put on a show ; that can be freaky in bed & aint scared to give head ; that can make u feel hot but aint afraid to put u on da spot ; that doenst cheat cuz our true luv is key ; & cause then she gotta fuckin deal with me ; but i aint one to abuse see ; but dnt like to be fooled see ; let my girl choose make her feel free ; let these otha dudes kno they shoudnt fuck with me cuz i decked them real talk come at u like a dog ; i sniff da fakes out & at night I shout I howl I scream my lungs out ; only cuz ur my girl and im ur guy ; that one of a kind rare dude to find ; with that werewolf body with at vampire mind I'll show u so much luv cause baby ur all mines ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the earliest poems i have ever written ; back when i barely wrote any poems ; & as you can tell i was such a horny teenager .__.

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