Love Never Goes Away

I think about you every day,

these memories never seem

to go away,


I know its you who I love the most,


I'm going to have to live with these

feelings for the rest of my life


Always worrying about what happened

to you; if I caused you to suffer.


Wondering if you ever think about me in

the way I think about you


I hope you live a good life,

I wish I could tell you that I love you

but I'll never get to see you again anyways


I wrote this poem, only for you and no one else,

because your the only one that I love deep down


I've had dreams about you that we meet again,

when I see people that look like you, I immediately think of you,

it causes me much pain.


These feelings are never going away,

always in my heart will you remain


Life is not fair

and often denies you what you want most


You are always reminded of your failures

you can never escape your past


Love will imprison you for life,

but I would not have it any other way.









Author's Notes/Comments: 

The one who I really love. My true love. I don't usually write often about this subject, because I keep it deep within. Its hard to talk about.


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"Only You Know Why"



The shot repeating, enters me again,
But I travel through time,
If only when, I have my eyes closed,
From the prison inside my mind,
The hands of time, now completely still,
My sins wrapped in the cog spring,
Crimson dots, still smeared by the window,
Won't let me forget about things,
 Only you, know what hate is made of,
 Only I know that you lied,
 Now while I'm at the bottom,
 Is where I will leave you,
 And only you know why,..continue to deny,
They don't come around, here as often,
Now that the air has a tang,
A movie reel showing, exactly how I stopped him,
Wasn't I someone that day?
Memories now opaque and faded,
Will you remember me when I'm gone?
A constant search, for an endless place,
Where I just finally might belong, 
 Only you, know what hate is made of,
  Only I know that you lied,
  Now while I'm at the bottom,
  Is where I will leave you,
  And only you know why, a lesson turned to       lies....
Sunday morning, surrounds me weary, 
Yet, I will still try to hide,
A little mercy, dissolved in the bloodstream,
Regret corroding my life, could've stopped him I,
All these things, will not compound you,
For I've paid the tolls with shame,
My hands now grow, so tired and useless,
As they grasp the rain, just to see her once again....
     Only you, know what hate is made of,
     Only I know that you lied,
     Now while at the bottom, 
     Is where I will leave you,   
     And only you know why,
     The cause of my goodbyes,
     Setting fire to my life,
     So I'm glad you fucking died...

T.R.O.Y. (The Ruins Of You)


I stand in the ruins of you
carrying the casket
of the memories of us
a cradle of holy affection and love.
Here lie the shattered 8 months
of unison prayers, 
jeepney banters,
subtle, orgasmic whispers,
the euphoria of meeting your mother,
and the dreams we built 
on midnight kisses and sacred moans.

The pen you gave me
still holds
its allegiance to you
refusing to spill its ink
thriving on its own will
I grapple it by its neck
and watch it slowly faint.

Lonely hearts from the start,
we relished the thought of a lasting love.
Two candles burn
when two lovers pray.
On our very first date,
I cursed on how you made me wait.
On our very last day,
I prayed that He would make you stay.
People say first impressions last
But you had me only at second glance.

Sober fools in a clandestine night
we laughed and walked for hours and miles
You, holding my bag
Me, holding your hand.
This was before his ghost haunted you
alive and well.
This was before in between hours,
you’d forget my whispers
and long for his.
This was before your friend 
called me to say,
“Just let him go. Love is not supposed
to work this way.”

The dark clouds came
and never left.

I stand in the ruins of you,
claws clutching to the ground,
eyes beaten and tired,
feet still shackled 
with the ropes you gave me last June
and every inch of them is an untold story
and each story is a blow to my head.
Love is but a slowly unfolding agony.
I untangle these shackles I tied myself to.
I begin to remember 
the life I built around you and me,
the dreamy kisses,
the day I met your friends and family,
the night I got so drunk
you had to forget our fight
to come and get me,
the night you got so drunk
you had to forget our fight
to say you still love me.
But the high wasn’t worth the agony
of knowing that at my lowest point,
confined in a hospital,
covered with punctures,
you successfully abandoned me;
of carrying a bleeding heart every day
and hoping it won't leak;
of feeling the sands of time slip
away from your grasp,
along with all your hope and chance;
of finally choosing to live through hell
hoping that your lover would remember
the warmth of an earthly heaven
you built for yourselves and once lived in.
of knowing that the memory of us
would later turn to dust
and I am to collect them
with bare hands.
The walls of this temple begin to shatter
I am no longer your prisoner.
I stand in the ruins of you,
claws clutching
on crumpled bed sheets,
rubbles of your promises,
residues of your gifts,
pictures torn to pieces, 
my handwritten notes
a hundred poems, 
a thousand letters
and the ashes of our bodies.
I spread my wings 
and begin to rise
and look up for the clouds
The dark clouds that came
never left.
But I am.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about moving on.

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No Regrets

If I could I would beat your


fucking face in


No regrets


Do the time in jail


and i'd probably do it all over again


that's how much I fucking hate you


all those tears I cried and nights


I stayed up wondering why


that shit's dead


You never gave a fuck


it was clear


You beat my freaking heart in


and now I want your life to end


do the time in jail


and i'd do the shit all over again


No regrets


You played with my heart and my mind


now I want your soul to jump out and cry


I want you to stay up wondering why


and eventually you'll know exactly why


You knew you wasn't shit


Wanna watch you take you last breath


do the time in jail 


and i'd do it all over again


No regrets


but your lesson was learned. 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

-No Mercy, for every action has a consequence. 

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Into the Depths of Chaos

I slip into an onyx dream
darker than any decaying thing
From the void trying to fill the void
Like Erebus I too am born of Chaos
-unraveling in a mist of dissonance
The silken noose tightens
I am cast into my own Spellhold-
cursed and forgotten
Pain is a welcomed refuge
Lest the 'stars hide their fires'
I will burn into a blacken ember

The hour of silence beckons
Echidna coils her fiery despair
Round and round, over and over
A mother's love- her beautiful poison
And sinks her fangs while
begging for absolution

I sink below the slithering surface
where nighmares wash away the sadness
There is no peaceful passing
She carves her scars into her child's heart
And only with her blessing does she allow any healing

I slip further into the tangled madness
caught on layers of dissension
The steady beating of despair
is slowly creating a new heir
She shows you the horizon
She tells you it is near
Then she swims in self delusion
all while drowning others with her fear

I close my eyes, I open them wide
Inside a sleepless mind, the quiet
is a beautiful lie
Like it or not I have to choose-
To descend further into a watery grave
or tighten the noose 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

**My relationship with my mother can be quite...tumultuous**

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If life was like a letter

And reality a dream

If love was somewhat better

Alive but less extreme


If the past was dead and rotten

And Death was just a door,

Then I could bear your loving scars

For now and evermore

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He grabbed her from behind

Pushed her to the floor

Called her worthless

Until she believed it herself

Rolled up his sleeves 

Smirked at her frightened state

He beat her until she wept for her life

She was his submissive wife 

Uneducated and weak

He belittled her 

Until her only way out was death


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Forgotten Son

Forgotten Son

   By jfarrell

(inspired by a Marillion classic)


I got taken into Care when I was 11;

Mum and dad visited once,

Then couldn’t be bothered to visit again;

At 14, I stopped visiting them.


At 19 I visited, what a mistake that was;

24 was the last time I went back;

And, at 49, I will never see my mum again;

I won’t put myself through that rejection, that hurt.


I am the Forgotten Son;

Not prodigal; not lost, mislaid;

A dozen times a day I must think of my mum;

I doubt she’s thought of me once in the last 25 years.


I should be more forgiving;

I should be the better person;

But I prefer to remain the Forgotten Son;

Invisible; never born; nothing but a bad dream.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i should be more forgiving - i choose not to be

Please, don't love me

I have more love to give you

Love you could never give back

I have a dark secret I hide

Its if you try love me I'll be selfish, greedy and tell u you lie

At first I'll be fine, and say I don't mind

"I'm just more affectionate but I'm happy you try"


But please, don't love me, I'm selfish and cruel

"why won't you kiss me like I wanted you to"

It because you lie and you don't love me do yoi


You say alot, and try show me you do

But I know that you don't, do you think I'm a fool


As time goes on, you will distance yourself.


I'll hurt you for love that I know you can't give








you Love me , remember


now this part I hate, because this is the truth

I'm voilent , I'm nasty

I'm selfish,  I'm cruel

I hate me so much..And I hate u still love me as much as u do



I beg you. 


Don't love me

Cause one day will come when you will hate me so much

for what I've become

My heart will be broken, and yours will be to

I love you 

I hate me

Now you hate me to




Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem I think it's a poem

I honestly lost the one last good thing in my life because I wouldn't believe that I deserved it.

And truth is.

I don't think I did