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"Only You Know Why"



The shot repeating, enters me again,
But I travel through time,
If only when, I have my eyes closed,
From the prison inside my mind,
The hands of time, now completely still,
My sins wrapped in the cog spring,
Crimson dots, still smeared by the window,
Won't let me forget about things,
 Only you, know what hate is made of,
 Only I know that you lied,
 Now while I'm at the bottom,
 Is where I will leave you,
 And only you know why,..continue to deny,
They don't come around, here as often,
Now that the air has a tang,
A movie reel showing, exactly how I stopped him,
Wasn't I someone that day?
Memories now opaque and faded,
Will you remember me when I'm gone?
A constant search, for an endless place,
Where I just finally might belong, 
 Only you, know what hate is made of,
  Only I know that you lied,
  Now while I'm at the bottom,
  Is where I will leave you,
  And only you know why, a lesson turned to       lies....
Sunday morning, surrounds me weary, 
Yet, I will still try to hide,
A little mercy, dissolved in the bloodstream,
Regret corroding my life, could've stopped him I,
All these things, will not compound you,
For I've paid the tolls with shame,
My hands now grow, so tired and useless,
As they grasp the rain, just to see her once again....
     Only you, know what hate is made of,
     Only I know that you lied,
     Now while at the bottom, 
     Is where I will leave you,   
     And only you know why,
     The cause of my goodbyes,
     Setting fire to my life,
     So I'm glad you fucking died...

Love (part 1)

What's with love i hate it.

It only comes a little bit.

Love is like a fairytale.

Love is like a stupid male.

Love is so boring.

I hate it every morning.

You might say what do i know about love.

But trust me i know a lot.

My parent's aren't together.

But what i say is whatever.

Love is like a game.

Love is really lame.

Love and hate is like the same.

But hate is like flames.

Love is like a trick.

Your life will stop and stick.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 2 and 3 still to come

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