Monthly Archive for June 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Principal Poem jgupta Jun 12th
Bludgeon Poem jgupta Jun 12th
I Guess "Friends" Is Out Of The Question Poem joelcarter_86 1 Betrayal Jun 12th
Liars, Cheaters, Abusers, Users....(They All End Up The Same) Poem joelcarter_86 2 Anger NonViolent Jun 12th
The Computer Screen Poem chosenjuan 1 inspiration Jun 12th
COGNITION OF THE HEART Poem kittymonkey Abstract Jun 12th
Sweet Release Poem ladybug_172001 1 Suicide Jun 12th
Innocence Lost Poem ladybug_172001 Abuse Jun 12th
Wait Not For Me Poem Pets/Animals Jun 12th
A Sentimental Man Poem DarkStatic 1 Song Lyrics Jun 12th
Collateral Poem ozzypoemgirl Screenplay Jun 12th
Rage Poem ozzypoemgirl Strength/Courage Jun 12th
Train Hopping Hobos Poem pamschwetz 3 Jun 12th
Goodbye. Poem poeterri 4 Jun 12th
WHY? Poem prboggs 1 love Jun 12th
YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST! Poem prboggs 1 inspiration Jun 12th
I took my chance Poem shygirl184202005 friendship Jun 12th
Lord Steel Poem Sivus Culture/Society Jun 12th
Groovy Little Frog Poem spacecase Jun 12th
MY FATHER Poem teresa_r Jun 12th
"You and Yourself" Poem this_is_life Jun 12th
Went Poem yardesspoetess Jun 12th
Round & Round Poem yardesspoetess Jun 12th
I SING Poem yardesspoetess Jun 12th
To Jessica Poem 41tulips Jun 13th
Consecuencia Poem amores Jun 13th
Ojos azules Poem amores Jun 13th
The Truth Will Set........... Poem blueeyes 1 long distance Jun 13th
*my heart does not exist* Poem crimsonangel 1 Anger NonViolent Jun 13th
*Hope Is Dead* Poem crimsonangel 1 Faith Jun 13th
Uninteruptable Poem dasweetyjd Jun 13th
Take A Look Poem dasweetyjd 1 Jun 13th
Prisoner (Against My Will) Poem dasweetyjd Jun 13th
Anthem Of Man With A Plan Poem dasweetyjd Jun 13th
Waterfall on the driveway. Poem daydreamingdragon 1 Weather/Environment Jun 13th
Just random jot downs Poem deethepoet Jun 13th
run it red Poem faeriehuman Jun 13th
Walk with you forever Poem fighter4life Awakening Jun 13th
Can't get you out of my head Poem fighter4life love Jun 13th
Stop the Hatin!! Poem geministar 3 jealousy Jun 13th
Let Me Count the Ways Poem geministar 1 Bittersweet Jun 13th
Blind Date Poem geministar 1 Acceptance Jun 13th
The Stroke of Midnight Poem geministar 2 Jun 13th
Minimum Wage Poem geministar Jun 13th
Cornered Poem geministar 1 Jun 13th
I say Poem humanpulse 1 Jun 13th
New-wave Investors Poem jgupta 1 Jun 13th
Not Guilty Poem jgupta Jun 13th
"Poison For Polly" Poem karinich16 1 Jun 13th
My Unrequited Dream Poem karinich16 Jun 13th
Exoneration of Eve Poem kittymonkey 2 Abstract Jun 13th
THE GAMBLER Poem kittymonkey 1 Abstract Jun 13th
peach Poem kragey 1 Breaking Up Jun 13th
This is my life. Poem kragey 2 Bittersweet Jun 13th
Ode To Kyle Kniss Poem icifan 1 Jun 13th
Ode To Leonard Parks Poem icifan 1 Jun 13th
Do I Really Want You Back? Poem niltak Jun 13th
Is it worth Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Strength/Courage Jun 13th
B Poem poetic7 1 dating, emotions, love, relationships Jun 13th
B (that L months later) Poem poetic7 1 Jun 13th
lost creation Poem snaps Jun 13th
Exhaling Suicide Poem spf 1 Jun 13th
Untitled 4 Poem starlover2103 1 Jun 13th
The Keeper of Friendship Poem starlover2103 1 Jun 13th
Hold Your Horses Poem tekno Jun 13th
Dear America, Where Have All Your Good Girls Gone? Poem tin_foil_tiaras Jun 13th
I Won't Whisper Love Anymore Poem tin_foil_tiaras Jun 13th
Age Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 13th
Let Me Fall (From Cirque De Soleil) Poem unrulyspring Jun 13th
Alcohol Poem wishful_thinking Jun 13th
skies of fire Poem angelous Fantasy/Magic Jun 14th
a river of memories Poem angelous 1 Pain/Sorrow Jun 14th
oh, no... ...14June05 Poem avengers1965 Addiction Jun 14th
Awakening Poem BackstageMom 1 Jun 14th
I Thank You Poem BackstageMom Jun 14th
Never again Poem black_rose180 Song Lyrics Jun 14th
I Can Be... Poem briansullivan Jun 14th
For You Poem briansullivan Jun 14th
Orel Bret Armu Poem chachi 1 Jun 14th
LET'S GO Poem chris Jun 14th
COUNTRY LOVE SONG Poem chris Cowboy/Western Jun 14th
ALIKE AND DIFFERENT Poem chris Jun 14th
Strange & Alone Poem cnsfreebird3 Jun 14th
bruises heal Poem converseallstar Breaking Up Jun 14th
trust Poem converseallstar Betrayal Jun 14th
*Feelings Closed Away* Poem crimsonangel Jun 14th
Angel of Mine Poem daniellachep 1 Jun 14th
Beautiful Quotes From The Alchemist Poem desert_rose Abstract Jun 14th
Beautiful Quotes From The Alchemist Poem desert_rose Abstract Jun 14th
Remember Poem desert_rose Song Lyrics Jun 14th
Beautiful Quotes From The Alchemist Poem desert_rose Abstract Jun 14th
Severance Poem doktoravalanche Betrayal Jun 14th
its you. Poem eternity 1 Jun 14th
journal 1 Poem eternity 1 Jun 14th
More Than a Friend Poem exthias1983 friendship Jun 14th
Can't right the wrong Poem followinlove regret Jun 14th
You can't mix silver and gold Poem followinlove 1 Reality Jun 14th
Puzzle Poem jgupta Jun 14th
13 Poem joelcarter_86 1 Change/Transition Jun 14th
THE BURDEN OF LOVE Poem kittymonkey 1 Ghazal Jun 14th
THE QUEEN BEE Poem kittymonkey Abstract Jun 14th
Vitriolic Poem icifan 1 Jun 14th
"I know!" Poem Nediot 5 Jun 14th
"Through the night!" Poem Nediot Jun 14th
Dreams Poem DarkStatic dreams Jun 14th
Scenes from a Chair & What Will Happen Poem DarkStatic Dark Jun 14th
Life more the same Poem DarkStatic 1 Song Lyrics Jun 14th
Pointless Poem DarkStatic friendship Jun 14th
Prisoner of my pain Poem ozzypoemgirl Strength/Courage Jun 14th
Vampirism Poem phantomsheart 2 Jun 14th
* I Am So Thankfull * Poem poetvg 1 Jun 14th
end of soul Poem somefatguy Jun 14th
I LOVE HIM, I LOVE HIM Poem teresa_r 2 Jun 14th
الفراشات Poem ثناءدرويش Jun 14th
Never Believe the Stigmata Doesn't Sting. Poem tin_foil_tiaras Jun 14th
Thomas McClain was a Good Friend of Mine Poem tin_foil_tiaras Jun 14th
A Weary World Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 14th
*~ لقــــــاء وحــــــوار ~* Poem 3abak_alyasamine 1 Poetry/Writing Jun 15th
Weeping Willows Poem 9inety 1 Jun 15th
Inoportuna realidad Poem amores Jun 15th
The Problem Of Free Will Poem boarster Dark Love Jun 15th
LOVE IS Poem chris love Jun 15th
DEAR GRANDPA Poem chris 1 Jun 15th
ACTOR Poem chris Jun 15th
MOUNTAIN CAVES Poem chris Jun 15th
The Art Of Seduction Poem dublinsky Sexual Jun 15th
Endure Pain (To Kyle G. and Jared) Poem fallenangel78 Pain/Sorrow Jun 15th
One Sleepless Night (To George) Poem fallenangel78 love Jun 15th
To Kyle G.: A Better Man? Poem fallenangel78 Jun 15th
My Little Black Book: Volume A (The 1st pages) Poem geministar 1 Jun 15th
Lipstick On My Collar? Poem geministar 2 jealousy Jun 15th
Manhood Poem geministar 1 Jun 15th
Untitled 58 Poem hushbaby Jun 15th
Untitled 41 Poem hushbaby Jun 15th
Untitled 37 Poem hushbaby Jun 15th
an angels kiss Poem jazzy91 1 Jun 15th
so proud..........!!! Poem jazzy91 Jun 15th
hiding Poem juliothegreat Jun 15th
"My Angel" Poem karinich16 Jun 15th
WHEN WE WERE LOVERS Poem kittymonkey 1 Ghazal Jun 15th
LOVER'S BODIES Poem kittymonkey 2 Ghazal Jun 15th
The Will to Move On Poem Paesano 1 Jun 15th
I will be there Poem liltigg10 Strength/Courage Jun 15th
Gone Poem manic_poetic 1 Goodbye Jun 15th
Over Easy Poem morteica Jun 15th
In the Rain Poem niltak Jun 15th
You Don't Understand.... Poem niltak Jun 15th
Love That Was Found... Poem niltak Jun 15th
Somewhere Out There... Poem niltak Jun 15th
Why is it? Poem niltak 1 Jun 15th
Lonely Man Poem DarkStatic Loneliness Jun 15th
Nightmares Poem ozzypoemgirl Strength/Courage Jun 15th
Wolves Poem Steelprincess Awakening Jun 15th
As I look in your eyes Poem AlexC 1 love Jun 15th
Friendship vs. Sex/Loss Poem redorb Immaturity Jun 15th
darkness, crying, light, happiness, death Poem vatchejames Dark Jun 15th
Orchid Poem VJB Hate Jun 15th
Disapproval Poem VJB Acceptance Jun 15th
Teardrop Poem VJB sadness Jun 15th
Operation Amnesia Poem spytfyr History/Past Jun 15th
Fool's Gold On The Hill Poem spytfyr sadness Jun 15th
** Thank You ** Poem superdownlifer Jun 15th
2nd Date Poem tekno Jun 15th
I am death Poem Aodh_Implar Other Jun 15th
Mysteries Revealed Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 15th
Alone in the Dark Poem twisted_whisperer Betrayal Jun 15th
Something Sweet Poem twisted_whisperer Bittersweet Jun 15th
A NARCOLEPTIC NOD Poem vettie 2 Jun 15th
Road to Forgiveness Poem wisdomscry Jun 15th
*~ رحيــــــــل ~* Poem 3abak_alyasamine PostPoems Jun 16th
Dolor insaciable que no tiene nombre Poem amores Jun 16th
Holy Tears Poem blumentopf Jun 16th
TOYS Poem chris Children Jun 16th
LET'S PRETEND WITH WINGS Poem chris 1 Children Jun 16th
BUBBLES Poem chris Children Jun 16th
Ten Thousand kisses Poem ChryWizard 1 love Jun 16th
I offer only Poem ChryWizard 3 Devotion, love, romance Jun 16th
what lies at the end of the rainbow Poem converseallstar Beauty Jun 16th
come here Poem converseallstar Other Jun 16th
Net Kiss Poem daniellachep Jun 16th
This Course Of Yours Poem dasweetyjd Jun 16th
futility Poem essex 1 Jun 16th
Trapped Poem eternally_invisible Depression Jun 16th
my circle of flowers Poem eternity Jun 16th
My Hero Poem exthias1983 1 Heroism/Heroes Jun 16th
So Sweet This Far In Poem fallenangel78 love Jun 16th
Perfect love Poem fighter4life 1 religion Jun 16th
I know Poem followinlove 1 choices Jun 16th
Soldier's Heart Poem followinlove War Jun 16th
Spinning on Poem followinlove 1 Other Jun 16th
Glimpses Poem followinlove Sonnets Jun 16th
"Fade Away" Poem jade_moon 3 Jun 16th
"Moonless Suicide" Poem jade_moon 1 Jun 16th
A L O N E............... Poem jazzy91 1 Jun 16th
Never Fade Poem jgupta 2 Jun 16th
Just Wasting A Line Or 2 Poem joelcarter_86 Abstract Jun 16th
I Wrote This One For You (Part 6) Poem joelcarter_86 Dark Love Jun 16th
I Wrote This One For You (Part 6) PS... Poem joelcarter_86 Jun 16th
"Bus Boys" Poem karinich16 1 Jun 16th
will we? Poem kesiahg Jun 16th
HUNAB KU Poem kittymonkey Abstract Jun 16th
FOR SANDEEP Poem kittymonkey 2 Ghazal Jun 16th
Late Night Dream Poem ladybug_172001 Sexual Jun 16th
Forbidden Love Poem ladybug_172001 Hidden Love Jun 16th
What Will Come Poem ladybug_172001 1 love Jun 16th
What Could Be Poem ladybug_172001 Hidden Love Jun 16th
How Percy the Cowboy Held Up Somthing Poem icifan 1 Jun 16th
Break Her Fall Poem methadonia 3 Fate/Destiny Jun 16th
Wednesday Poem morteica Jun 16th
Right Before Bed Poem mysterypoet Reality Jun 16th
Notice Me Poem mysterypoet 1 Jun 16th
Cant Take It Poem mysterypoet 1 Anger NonViolent Jun 16th
On A Dark Angel's Night Poem mysterypoet 1 Angels Jun 16th
Silence Poem mysterypoet Angels Jun 16th
Shadows Of The Dark Poem mysterypoet Dark Jun 16th
Starry Night Poem DarkStatic 1 Human Nature Jun 16th
So am I Poem DarkStatic 1 Song Lyrics Jun 16th
Best wishes Poem ozzypoemgirl Celebrations Jun 16th
* Rain Sensations * Exotic X Rated * Poem poetvg 5 Jun 16th
Rest in pieces Poem stately_lover 1 Jun 16th
Dreaming Poem stately_lover 1 Jun 16th
Empty soul Poem stately_lover 2 Jun 16th
AN OCEAN OF STRENGTH Poem teresa_r 1 Jun 16th
يقظة الأحلام Poem ثناءدرويش Jun 16th
sweepers Poem thekirby Abstract Jun 16th
leviathon Poem thekirby Abstract Jun 16th
"I Wonder?" Poem this_is_life 1 Jun 16th
البرق الخاطف Poem alihseen Jun 17th
الزقاق الواسع Poem alihseen Jun 17th
Valley of Despair (Part 3) Poem americanprayer 2 Jun 17th
How much will it cost Poem angelprinzcess 2 Being Loved Jun 17th
To want is to Sin Poem anthamarie Abstract Jun 17th
My Best Friend Poem ccasey987 death Jun 17th
One phone call Poem ccasey987 1 Cancer/Illness Jun 17th
No Longer Innocent Poem chachi 1 Jun 17th
Fluttering Hearts Poem chachi 1 Jun 17th
I'm Gone Poem chachi 1 Jun 17th
Whisper My Name Poem chachi 1 Jun 17th
Perfect Lie Poem cherry_blossom 1 Jun 17th
Fly Poem chrome_shadows 1 Being Loved Jun 17th
The Answer will come Poem ChryWizard 1 Lost love Jun 17th
What must a man do? Poem ChryWizard romance Jun 17th
SOUL-MATES Poem ChryWizard fairytale love, forever love, Patient Love, romance, un-ending love Jun 17th
Through the pen of a poet Poem ChryWizard 3 Poetry/Writing Jun 17th
The beauty of a woman Poem ChryWizard 2 Beauty Jun 17th
Door of Happiness Poem desert_rose Beauty Jun 17th
By Order Poem jgupta 1 Jun 17th
10 Days Poem joelcarter_86 1 Change/Transition Jun 17th
"Morning" Poem karinich16 Jun 17th