Through the pen of a poet

Through the Pen of a Poet

Words by themselves are simple and plain

But through the pen of a poet, they suddenly change.

Put down on paper, those simple words can convey

A thought… vision, or, desire, while, describing a day.

A well written poem can pull at your heart

It can help a faltering love, get a fresh start!

A poet at his best; can draw tears out of you

He can fill you with joy; or, place sadness there too.

A line can be written; that just says "It snowed"

A poem can express such intensity...

You see it! AND, feel its cold!

You might read that it rained... but, in a good poets verse

You can, both, hear it, and, smell it…

As it, quenches your thirst.

Yes… Words all alone, plain and simple; they may be

But, words written in verse, they're wonderful to see.

Plain simple words aspire, to be, read yet again

When these simple plain words travel…

Through, a poets pen!

Paul A. Posney ©2004

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

excellent and I agree with you 100% on this one!

Danniel Lennax's picture


This is very well writen and holds so much truth.

Keep writing,
Danniel J. Lennax

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

absolutely excellent write!