Ode To Kyle Kniss

No one will miss, Kyle Kniss

But I, yes I have something to say

About Kyle and the Wildcatz way

They were the unstoppable force, and so West Coast

They had Receivers and Wideouts and Runners to boast

They had Red Pads, and Blue on thier backs

But they also had holes and plenty of sacks

They had Shuman and Hammer and Welsh players

With names like that they could have been slayers

But depth was not there and players got weaker

And thier crowds booming noise turned into a busted speaker

At halftime he sat and thought about what he will miss

He was all alone, The said Kyle Kniss

We were athletic

We were the kings

They needed a medic

As the fat lady sings

Kyle will miss Kyle Kniss, as he held four fingers aloft

Jordan will miss Kyle Kniss as he called the QB soft

Jordan grabbing his shoulderpads down by the ties

You know it's over when the moms start thier cries

I knew it was over two weeks in advance

The nail in the coffin and my little dance

Eastland Pearl City the home of the team

I ran on that field and relived the dream

Unstoppable force

Unstoppale to some

We will all miss Kyle Kniss when we see November come

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kyle Kniss was the player fo the year, Travis firend, and nervous about playing us.  EPC will never be the same  

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jaime's picture

damn straight.. ahh memories of last year. i like one bc i get your secrets, they are like little peaks into the mind of paul. i like your mind:)