You see I cannot be forsaken, because I?m not the only one!

I walk an eternity alone,

The others are out there I know,

I feel them around me,

But never do they show who they are.

We walk amongst you; feeding, rapping must we hide from everyone?

Is it for protection?

Is that the reason why our race seeks to stay in the shadows?

So many questions?

For a mortal there is so little time.

For me there is an eternity of loneliness before my feet.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

writen after watching Queen of the Damned and after reading interveiw with the vampire. oh yeh and listening to forsaken from the queen of the damned soundtrack

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Kaitlyn Rouhier's picture

Beautiful! Vampires are such fascinating creatures. Interview with the Vampire is one of my all time favorite books (I have read it a LOT) and Queen of the Damned was an awesome movie, and a good book as well. I'm off track now. Good poem and you wrote it wonderfully. \m/- Aya

Ashlee Thais's picture

This is a wonderful songs indeed! By far the best song on the Queen of the Damned soundtrack.