Mysteries Revealed

The Word of God

Mysteries that men have heard, are revealed in God’s Word.

What were once mysteries, have been revealed for all to see.

The mystery of Jesus Christ, who’s the very Author of all life.

A mystery of purpose in Christ, how in Him we have New Life.

Another mystery of Jesus Christ, is how we gain Eternal Life.

There’s the mystery of Israel, and how they fit into God’s will.

Israel is hardened for awhile, so God can include the Gentile.

God didn’t forget the nation; they’re included in His Salvation.

By redemption in God’s Son, Jew and Gentile become one.

The mystery of The Gospel, and how in Christ it was fulfilled.

And the mystery of The Church; those in Christ by New Birth.

My Friend, not to be remiss, there’s the mystery of Godliness.

The mystery of His Revelation; an unveiling of God’s Salvation.

The mystery of end times friend; what God shall do in the end.

The mystery of hope in Glory; the purpose of the Gospel story.

Behold, I show you a mystery, one that every eye shall see.

Christians will not all see death, but be changed in a breath,

In the twinkling of an eye, they will see Christ, but will not die.

While men left upon the earth, will not see men of New Birth,

For only those men born again, shall be raptured in the end.

All the mysteries of past sages, are fulfilled in the Rock of Ages.

God spoke in prophets of old, in Christ fulfilled mysteries untold.

Christ’s Revelation revealed to all, redemption from Adam’s fall.

Christ revealed His Salvation, to every Jew and Gentile nation.

If you accept Christ as Lord, the mystery is a mystery no more.

(Copyright ©06/2005)

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