The Truth Will Set...........

Why can't you see,

all these little things I do,

just to say, your special to me.

Don't you know, I love you so,

your smiles are a blessing,

giving this lost one,

one more chance at salvation.

Your laughter is the summer breeze driven,

wind chimes, creating this musical chorus in my heart,

that every day, no matter what,

they brighten my smile as they make me long to say....

just as they have from the start.

I know you want me,

your own words damn you dear,

you'd like to have me so bad,

but if only I were near.

Some things only come round once beautiful,

what is it you fear?

I'm willing to change my plans for you.

Don't you know girl,

some thing only happen once,

and you've happened to me.

Can't you hear your heart now,

I know it beats faster for me now, lovely

how is it you cannot see,

you and I were meant to be.

Life's a game, darlin

you gotta gamble to win,

gamble on me.

Take a chance now, baby

come to me in the dark.

We'll dance on the wild side, honey

I'll make you believe those things,

your heart seems to already know.

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Kris Grula's picture

Wow, this was really well written