How Percy the Cowboy Held Up Somthing

I wrote a poem about you today

Like that which has never been

Over and over i wish to say

Venting and renting my worries away

Every time you speak, I am sold

Something in the way you move so bold

Ages and dates that i cannot see

Remembering what it was like to be old

Again now, i am, again this is me

Have mercy, for Percy the Cowboy I be

Answer me this, Answer me that

Why i cannot find the straw-woven hat

Why i have lights and rocks by these trees

And you have coldfeet yet unable to freeze

And what about life and what about fun

And what about strife and regrets in it: none

Where did it go, time in the glass case

Why won't it slow so i can still face

Westward towards where the inferno is red

Waking at one hour and thirty from bed

Where is the cowgirl left in the sands

And here she is grabbing onto my hands

Welcome to the life, exit this way

And i will come back for you on some sunny day    

I've taken my liberties and put them all out

I'm dueling my lady, this is what life's about

I used to patrol these places out west

I used to be told that i was the best

I have my forty-five right at my side

I have myself obtained an adequate ride

I have been dueling in this town for years

I have seen nothing that harkens to any such fears

I am ready, i have been i swear

I need no worries i do not care

I run this here station

I had preperation

I don't know

I will go

I was

I am


I wrote this poem about you so that you could someday see

I'll always love the times we've had outside that paper tree

You've been the reason you've made me smile

You've taken away the bad thoughts for awhile

You're not like the others i see during mass

You're perfect so why should i keep breaking glass

You've kept me from falling so i'll keep you up late

You've stayed up so long that it must still be fate  

I want to explain this to you from the start

I want this last duel to showcase my heart

A beautiful beginning of what this might seem

A painted testament of believing your dream

I will draw, you will speak

We'll both have fun through out the week

You're being held up by something thats real

I'll be your outlaw and i will now steal

You from this place and you from the town

You're being help up and you won't be let down

No don't speak, because i say it best

I am the law, in this here great west

Put your hands up and reach for the sky

I'll take a step closer in this our goodbye

I wrote this here poem about you today

about my cowgirl and my cowboy way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think i might be the only one to understand this poem, I Percy, the cowboy.  Maybe a cowgirl could figure it out

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jaime's picture

some people dont know how lucky they are to have been on the receiving end of your thoughts. i hope someday whoever this is for figures it out, but if not.. then maybe i hope they get hit by a train.