Is it worth

Is it worth

Is it worth the fight?

I’m beginning

To think not anymore.

Every time my

Right leg starts

These day

Or my leg starts

Jumping in

Anyway I’m

Thinking okay

Am I or aren’t I  

Going to have

A seizure today?

Please god I know

It’s selfish of me

To pray for myself

But PLEASE god

Make these jumping

Pains in leg go away for

Forever and a day!

In Your name I pray


Because I don’t think

My body can with stand

No more seizures

I’m still very sore

From those I had

The other day.

It feels like

Somebody shot me

With a bunch of

Cannon balls in

Some ways!

June 13th 2005

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this about my seizures

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Kris Grula's picture

there is no other way i could read this but outloud in a whisper. there is a bit of resistance in this...but in the end there is release.nicely done