Ode To Leonard Parks

Leonard Parks his car in the yard

just like everyone else downstate

Leonard harks he can't be stopped

just like everyone that believes he's great

Leonard the fleet-footed

Leonard the Parks

Leonard the swift

He knows his marks

Leonard the Trojan

Leonard has speed

Jason is quick

and won't give up the lead

God has decided that our team will win

To put that smile on our faces and to grin

So the Holy Spirit stuck out his hand and enabled Jason the power

Jason gave it his all and sent Leonard back to the shower

Like Achilles heel, Leonard's greatness was sapped

From the moment that Jason's hand had tapped

It sent Leonard tumbling, careening out of bounds

it sent Maroa fumbling, thier careers out of rounds

We will move on, downstate again we will go

Leonard was great, but he didn't know

That we had destiny and fate on our side

And those things are pivotal, and better than pride      

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about the 95 yard run that saved the day for our State Championship team.  Jason P had the H.S. on that one

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jaime's picture

that was so kickass to watch. id forgotten till you reminded me paulie...