Weeping Willows

Hyacinth garden

You came to my Willow Grove with such desire.

Those limbs greeted and shaded you.

They opened to your intent.

Through the branches lights of love sparkled for you.

As night fell you closed your eyes you would not dream.

I gave rest to your soul when you fell asleep.

You did not see me you could not.

I sat there disregarded as my sun retreated.

All lights were out.

You left me in my ceremony blinded.

My fate is now hard as rock.

That stormy night I sat without prophecy of time.

I heard your silent sound.

Only the mourning dove was heard, that call of anguish.

Then distant thunder jarred me, noise rumbled past me.

I pressed my hands tightly to my heart.

A downpour made it as if the Willows were weeping.

As if their drips were tears that seeped into my rock hard heart.

From the sky, I felt heat in sheets of lightning it illuminated the


Then, I disappeared.

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Polly Garay's picture

You are amazing..my compliments to your creator..Polly