Monthly Archive for June 2005

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
My Heart Melts Poem poeterri 5 Jun 21st
Something's Missing Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 21st
Giving and Not Receiving Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 21st
Holding Onto You (Eternity) Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 21st
Daydreaming Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 21st
Candy Love Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 21st
Blurred Reality Poem poetictragedy000 1 Jun 21st
Tears, Fears, Broken Hearts, and Memories (All For You) Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 21st
Don't stop my heart beating Poem rania_esmat Jun 21st
Little White Lies Poem robynjennifer 1 Jun 21st
What is love Poem shygirl184202005 Jun 21st
Remembering You Poem shygirl184202005 Lost love Jun 21st
A Decent Man and an Automatic Weapon Poem Sivus Jun 21st
Lost Hope Poem snickers0079p Jun 21st
i knew it was love Poem sugargrl1815 1 Jun 21st
Deadly Trap Poem taken_angel122804 1 Betrayal Jun 21st
The Mystery of The Church Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 21st
fragments from june Poem voighdt Acceptance Jun 21st
Unwinds Poem wishful_thinking Jun 21st
summer solstice ....21June05 Poem avengers1965 Abstract Jun 22nd
For someone who doesn't know it. ..... 22June05 Poem avengers1965 Jun 22nd
Haunted House of Mrs. Essigmann Poem blumentopf 2 Jun 22nd
08 – A Day in the Life of a Chump [somewhat explicit] Poem boarster work Jun 22nd
06 – What did YOU expect? :op [probably explicit] Poem boarster work Jun 22nd
YOU MUST SAY THAT TO ALL THE GUYS Poem chris 1 Cowboy/Western Jun 22nd
JUST FOR TAKING A PICTURE Poem chris Political Jun 22nd
The Gratis Train Poem daniellachep Imagery Jun 22nd
I so hate Consequences (by Relient K) Poem deethepoet Jun 22nd
beautiful angel Poem geneconner2008 Hidden Love Jun 22nd
Loneliness Poem honey811 6 Jun 22nd
"Lack is Tack" Poem honey811 Jun 22nd
''Friends Forever'' Poem honey811 3 Jun 22nd
"Makes Me Sensual" Poem honey811 1 Jun 22nd
What am I to You? Poem jackie_lyn 1 Jun 22nd
"17 Years" Poem jade_moon 2 Jun 22nd
"Forever Lie" Poem jade_moon 1 Jun 22nd
blood splatter Poem jazzy91 1 Jun 22nd
pretty girls on my shelf Poem jazzy91 1 Jun 22nd
another question Poem jazzy91 3 Jun 22nd
Sleeping Beauty Poem jgupta Jun 22nd
Untitled Poem ladybug_172001 Loneliness Jun 22nd
I Am Afraid. Poem leannefosho Fear Jun 22nd
Depression. Poem leannefosho 1 Depression Jun 22nd
"Magic; with the night!" Poem Nediot Jun 22nd
11:11 Poem maybethistime 1 Dark Love Jun 22nd
GAINS IN PAINS Poem Makezela 1 Endurance Jun 22nd
Theatrical Demonology Poem methadonia Awakening Jun 22nd
Why do we have to change? Poem niltak Jun 22nd
Disappointment... Poem niltak Jun 22nd
Walking Poem DarkStatic sadness Jun 22nd
The Real World rhyme Poem ozzypoemgirl Reality Jun 22nd
Stupid Girl Poem perception love Jun 22nd
Angst and Affection Poem perception 1 Lost love Jun 22nd
Temporary Goodbye Poem poetictragedy000 Jun 22nd
EROTIC SCARS Poem profrksingh Awakening Jun 22nd
Glass. Poem rairai Jun 22nd
Just A Little Something Poem spf Jun 22nd
هبني بيتاً من الشِّعر Poem ثناءدرويش 1 Jun 22nd
The Mystery of Godliness Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 22nd
On Planting Poem unrulyspring Jun 22nd
lines of communication Poem voighdt Abstract Jun 22nd
grindstone Poem voighdt Abstract Jun 22nd
guesswork Poem voighdt Acceptance Jun 22nd
Come Home Poem 41tulips Jun 23rd
العلم والدين والمال 9 Poem alihseen Jun 23rd
العلم والدين والمال 10 Poem alihseen Jun 23rd
العفو المقرف Poem alihseen Jun 23rd
Prefiero saber Poem amores Jun 23rd
Dos recuerdos Poem amores Jun 23rd
un/disturbed .... 21Sept04 Poem avengers1965 Jun 23rd
Three Haikus ... 23Nov04 Poem avengers1965 Jun 23rd
writer's block .... 3March05 Poem avengers1965 Jun 23rd
Summer Time Poem beautifulpain 3 Jun 23rd
Unsure Poem briansullivan 1 Jun 23rd
Temptress Poem timbiondollo 1 Jun 23rd
Passionate Blood **WARNING** Poem Megsamoo00 Dark Love Jun 23rd
Apathy Poem Megsamoo00 Apathy Jun 23rd
Heart Cancer Poem deathflavoredgum 2 Jun 23rd
The First Time Poem deathflavoredgum 3 Jun 23rd
I still Remember Poem Chase 1 Jun 23rd
Affinity of Man Poem ers Jun 23rd
Love me for me Poem follow_the_knyht Jun 23rd
The Last of The Broken Poem Aloris Lost love Jun 23rd
Please Leave A Message After the Tone... Poem gottgehirn Jun 23rd
HEAVEN OR HELL Poem honey811 1 Jun 23rd
OM SHANTI SHANTI OM Poem kittymonkey 1 Abstract Jun 23rd
Broken Angel Poem ladybug_172001 1 Angels Jun 23rd
Roses Poem lioninwinter68 love Jun 23rd
The Corner of Darkness Poem mystery7905 Jun 23rd
The Rise & Fall of Depression Poem mystery7905 Jun 23rd
Forever Meant To Be Poem mystery7905 Jun 23rd
My Search Has Ended Poem mystery7905 Jun 23rd
Satan Poem mystery7905 Jun 23rd
Death by Persistance Poem mystery7905 Jun 23rd
Right where I belong Poem Nate Jun 23rd
فقط أردت أن أهمس Poem Nibras Jun 23rd
Mom struggles Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Stress Jun 23rd
"Broke" Poem passionaterider 1 Jun 23rd
"Bocephus" {acrostic} Poem passionaterider Jun 23rd
Sometimes Pt.2 Poem poetry_freak Betrayal Jun 23rd
Feelings Overlooked Poem poetry_freak Jun 23rd
4 Jessica and Nichole Poem poetry_freak Jun 23rd
* Count On Me * Poem poetvg 1 Jun 23rd
* Cant Wash The Filth Off * Poem poetvg 2 Jun 23rd
* Tej * Poem poetvg 1 Jun 23rd
As If Poem rairai 1 Jun 23rd
In Respect Poem rairai Jun 23rd
Skies Poem rairai 1 Jun 23rd
Cupidity Poem rairai 1 Jun 23rd
Centered Poem rairai Jun 23rd
Oracle Poem rairai Jun 23rd
Alone, again Poem rairai Jun 23rd
Weight of the Past Poem Junip3r-b3rry Jun 23rd
Lace, Coal, Sin, and Ribbons Poem Junip3r-b3rry Jun 23rd
Memories of Morning Poem VJB 1 Devastation Jun 23rd
Inside my mind Poem sojaded Jun 23rd
A HAPPY NOTE Poem teresa_r Jun 23rd
Life's A Bitch Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Music Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Fear Of A True Smile Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Cure Me Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Color Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Play Along Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Complicated Poem underlovelyeyes Jun 23rd
Gossip Poem _jennita_ Jun 23rd
I Love To Love You Poem brokenfairy Jun 24th
I Love You And You Love Me Poem brokenfairy Jun 24th
Just Try It Poem brokenfairy Jun 24th
Intoxicating Love Poem timbiondollo Jun 24th
Such Hope In Your Heart Such Pain Underneath Poem timbiondollo Jun 24th
This, My Darkest Place Poem cathycavalcante Dark Jun 24th
In My Thirst- Just Let Me Be Poem daniellachep 1 Imagery Jun 24th
'unfinished' Poem faeriehuman 1 Jun 24th
Left torn apart Poem follow_the_knyht Jun 24th
i just wished you knew Poem i_Am_GraziE love Jun 24th
gusto lang kitang mahalin Poem i_Am_GraziE love Jun 24th
sa pangarap ko... Poem i_Am_GraziE love Jun 24th
cherub Poem i_Am_GraziE love Jun 24th
mahal kita,kung alam mo lang... Poem i_Am_GraziE 1 love Jun 24th
News Update Poem hhickson Collaboration Jun 24th
This Just In Poem hhickson Collaboration Jun 24th
Sean and Vance Talk Over Game Plan Poem hhickson Collaboration Jun 24th
Sean Calls on I and the Family Poem hhickson Collaboration Jun 24th
Thrash Blunt Poem jgupta Jun 24th
Alive In The Death Of Myself Poem karinich16 1 Jun 24th
My Sweet Messenger Of The Night Poem karinich16 Jun 24th
Subway of Darkness Poem kittykat364 Depression Jun 24th
LIGHT WITHIN THE DARKNESS Poem kittymonkey Abstract Jun 24th
"When i remember you" Poem krishna Jun 24th
Torn Poem ladybug_172001 Lost love Jun 24th
Left Behind Poem ladybug_172001 Jun 24th
Lies Poem ladybug_172001 Lost love Jun 24th
Come Swiftly Poem ladybug_172001 love Jun 24th
Moment of Clarity Poem methadonia Change/Transition Jun 24th
Hope Poem Steelprincess Compassion Jun 24th
Dear God, You're not my friend Poem poeticdevastation Abstract Jun 24th
she is taking the fish Poem rashmiitz Jun 24th
Quote Poem spf Jun 24th
Purpose In Life Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jun 24th
Is it insomnia, or me missing you? Poem twisted_whisperer 1 Jun 24th
I Believe... Poem unrulyspring Jun 24th
Sinfully Delicious Poem xephornite Jun 24th
The One Poem yardesspoetess Jun 24th
Let you Go Poem yardesspoetess Jun 24th
Begging For A Visit Poem adam03cc Jun 25th
Trophy Poem adam03cc 1 Jun 25th
Upsidedown World Poem adam03cc Jun 25th
Thats My Disease Poem adam03cc Jun 25th
I Snuk That Kiss Poem adam03cc Jun 25th
Time Poem amywilkie Jun 25th
Love is my religion Poem desert_rose Jun 25th
Ever Seen Angels?.. Poem desert_rose Jun 25th
IN EVERY PART Poem honey811 1 Angels Jun 25th
"NO OTHER" Poem honey811 1 Angels Jun 25th
"OBSTACLES" Poem honey811 3 Jun 25th
"Starved" Poem jade_moon Jun 25th
Verdächtiger Umstand Poem jgupta Irony Jun 25th
Incidental Truth Poem jgupta Jun 25th
Skies Bus Poem jgupta 1 Jun 25th
This Isn't The Last Rhyme Poem joelcarter_86 1 Memories Jun 25th
The Lightening And Thunder Of My Heart Poem joelcarter_86 History/Past Jun 25th
$4 Dream Poem kelvin_j_patterson Jun 25th
"Paralized!" Poem Nediot Jun 25th
"As i see you Sleep:-)" Poem Nediot Jun 25th
غثاااااء ! Poem Nibras Jun 25th
ما للقصيدة?? Poem Nibras Jun 25th
I don’t want too a song. Poem ozzypoemgirl Song Lyrics Jun 25th
April Poem phaloola 2 Jun 25th
us Poem phaloola Jun 25th
Edgar Allen Poe's Fountain Pen Poem poetry_freak Jun 25th
Figure It Out Poem poetry_freak Jun 25th
The Sad, Sad Song Poem poetry_freak Jun 25th
* Sweet As A Bag Of Bing Cherries * Poem poetvg 1 Jun 25th
the sun's rays penetrate Poem schizophasia Jun 25th
i want a friend who's not a television set Poem schizophasia Jun 25th
all these blank sheets of paper Poem schizophasia 2 Jun 25th
society is a box Poem schizophasia 1 Jun 25th
this is the story of the gelatinous boy Poem schizophasia Jun 25th
Little Heart Shaped Stains Poem sidhe_whispers 1 Jun 25th
Dead John Poem sidhe_whispers Jun 25th
Lies Keep Me Going Poem sidhe_whispers 1 Jun 25th
Like a Limb Poem sidhe_whispers Jun 25th
Why, Why, Why Poem sidhe_whispers Jun 25th
You'll never tell Poem silvermoon 1 Breaking Up Jun 25th
enough of you Poem somefatguy Jun 25th
Prisoner Poem spf Jun 25th
Crazy ~ Lyrics Poem unrulyspring Jun 25th
الهيروغليفية تفسر القرآن الكريم Poem wnature Jun 25th
(untitled) Poem Letty467 Depression Jun 25th
Closest to Heaven Poem black_rose180 Song Lyrics Jun 26th
the turning point is tonite Poem blissfully_yours 1 Jun 26th
under revision Poem blissfully_yours Jun 26th
the phone rang silent Poem blissfully_yours Jun 26th
passion v.s. obession Poem blissfully_yours Jun 26th
velcro love Poem blissfully_yours Jun 26th
panic trust Poem blissfully_yours Jun 26th
lingering Poem blissfully_yours Jun 26th
The Way You Move Poem blueeyes Abstract Jun 26th
Master! Master! [explicit] Poem boarster 1 Culture/Society Jun 26th
Never Ending Horror Poem ers Jun 26th
Killing Me Poem ers Jun 26th
Cycle Poem eyesofarunner Jun 26th
You are Poem fighter4life 1 religion Jun 26th
Let It Go Poem grambau 1 Hate Jun 26th
What's Worse Poem grambau 1 Jun 26th
Journalist Freed Poem hhickson Collaboration Jun 26th
"Im Sick" Poem jade_moon 1 Jun 26th
AS DARKNESS FALLS Poem jessibabigrl Depression Jun 26th
TO THE MAN IN MY DREAMS Poem jessibabigrl Fate/Destiny Jun 26th
HANG ME NOW! Poem jessibabigrl Suicide Jun 26th
Soccer Live Poem jgupta 1 Jun 26th
My Last Poem In Webster City Poem joelcarter_86 2 Memories Jun 26th
Suicide Poem ket Depression Jun 26th
El Roachy Poem ket Jun 26th
THE TIME OF EROS Poem kittymonkey 1 Ghazal Jun 26th
PASSIONATE SOULS Poem kittymonkey 1 Ghazal Jun 26th
Night Of Horror Poem ladybug_172001 Abuse Jun 26th
Stolen Moments Poem ladybug_172001 love Jun 26th
"a shadow through the light!" Poem Nediot 1 Jun 26th
Dirty friend Poem Nate Jun 26th
إلى المرأة/القهوة..الرجل/السُّكر!! Poem Nibras Jun 26th
الفاصلة، و نقاطها.. Poem Nibras Jun 26th
In a World Poem niltak Jun 26th
... Poem niltak Jun 26th
Untitled -- 6.26.2005 Poem niltak Jun 26th
Hit By a Car... Poem niltak Jun 26th
I'm Sorry... Poem niltak Jun 26th
Stupidness Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Haiku Stupid Jun 26th
Clueless Poem perception Angst Jun 26th
Surviving Poem perception Angst Jun 26th