The Answer will come

The Answer Will Come

You, once told me, to ask God for advice

On dealing with the loss, of the love of my life.

Since that night, he and I have had; many long talks,

Before, going to bed, and, at night as I walk.

I never ask directly, afraid of what I might hear

But, when talking to God, there’s nothing to fear.

Silently he told me... “Be patient my son,

When you are ready, the answer will come!”

Many months later, while walking one night

I went to the river, and sat in the Moonlight.

I prayed for; your forgiveness, for, failing my task

And, I prayed too for Gods, for not doing, as he asks.

He had given me you, and said; “Here’s the love of your life,

Love her as I do, and make her your wife”.

“My Gift from God”, no one could love more,

But, my love wasn’t enough! So, she walked, out the door.

There, by the river, the answer washed over me

In the light of the moon, I could suddenly see!

Though I still loved you more, then, you’ll ever know

And, while holding the love tight, I must let you go!

Accept in my heart, why you walked out the door

You were my Gift from God… But, I wasn’t yours.

The pain of that truth; went deep in my soul

As tears fell from my eyes, I felt Gods love console.

I cried silent tears, on that cold winter night

As I accepted the answer, my heart knew was right.

Though I’ll love you always, I accept that truth to

My hearts says goodbye, as I let go of you.

I give back into Gods hands, the gift, he, once gave to me

And; by letting you go, I set myself free.

© Paul Posney

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Kris Grula's picture

You sure do know how to paint a picture with words! This was simply lovely