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Huntington, IN

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umm i like writing poems(only when im really depressed or angry), playing my guitar, hanging out with my friends, etc.

well...ummm...i guess poetry is a good thing for me. it helps me express my feelings betta...i mean ive went through a lot n tha las 12 yrs. i mean my grandpa died when i was 4, my step-dad died when i was 14, n my step-great grandma died when i was yea ive been through a lot! o n on top of that...ive lost so many pets...i love animals! o n my love life hasnt been that great either...ive jus now actually found a guy worth keepin! i can get very depressed ova tha simple things! im alwayz arguin abt everything w/every1...! i also cant handle drama very well...i stand up for wut i believe n...n i also dont think b4 i say sumthin! so u can tell im a very complex person n a lotta ppl cant handle that...! but ya i think thats abt it...!

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''...I'm so sick and tired of saying sorry for things that aren't my fault...''


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