The beauty of a woman

The Beauty of a Woman

With the exception of a child

On the day of its birth

Nothing is as beautiful, as the women on earth.

Through out the history of man

From Egypt to greese

The West Indies Isles and, the lands of the Far East

Icons of women, made of marble or jade

Depict woman of all shapes and virginal maids

Symbolizing what’s good, like Isis…

Goddess Of fertility, and, motherhood!

Or, nature at her best

Mother Earth in the spring

To the Goddess Venus, so perfectly, pristine!

Let’s not forget the maidens, so virginal fresh

They depict the beauty… of a young woman’s flesh.

But there’s others kinds of beauty

The kind not meant to hide

It radiates from Ladies, while men admire from the side

The beauty of a woman, is best seen through the eyes

Of the person who; loves her more,

Then there are, stars in the sky.

Paul A. Posney ©2004

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I am sure all the ladies like this piece. It is certainly nice to be appreciated

Kris Grula's picture

You speak with such a strength and wisdom I appreciate you. This was an incredible