Vintage scars and VCRs wrapped up in floral scarves.

Cigarette stained teeth and cold blue eyes that told you "I don't care".

Dishevelled blonde hair with a pale white streak.

How could she let her thoughts turn to death? She swore she would stamp it out.

She would stare at the ink-blot constellation, she knew that she would one day become a pillar of salt.

The beauty was her curse, she was exquisite and nothing more.

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Face Scars

I Keep On Shooting Off My Mouth,

Like a Cannon,

From Those Good Ol' Civil War Days,

I Keep On Getting Those Black Eyes,

And Blue Dreams,

And Low Tides,

My Mother Was Right,

As They Say

That Hampster Keeps Turning

The Big Wheel in my Mind,

It Creaks,

It Squeaks,

It Whines,

Some Days are Piles of Dirt,

Some Days are Easy as Pie,

Some Evenings I Think I Can Fly So High,

Some Mornings I'm Drowning in the Hurt,

There's a Man,

He's Sitting Next to Me at the Bar,

His Face is the Perfect Place,

To Hide His Scars

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Nasty Reminders

I can feel this beat in my finger-tips

The tears, the scars and the rips

Every stitch every staple keeping it confined

These scars a nasty part in a helpful remind. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am beginning to notice how dark I really am 0-0 
Feedback is always appreciated.... I may make my next a little longer but not sure im at that point yet :)

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if I had a scar for every mistake i've made..
I think i'd have as many as you.. 
Satan is impaling his dagger into my throat..
why can't you see that inbetween every breath, I choke..
you spin that thread like some spider in the corner above your bed..
casting webs into thin air.. 
you look so evil while you sit back & stare...
everything around you struggling..
your screams echo in the center of my head...
sound waves of pain..
pulling me further into disdain..
from you I try to refrain...
I swear every single day is just another suicide..
all you've got is filthy money on your mind..
if I could, I would wipe you out..
never to see the grey of another fucking New Jersey day..
would you finally be happy?
stop saying "it'll always be this way"..
cause fuck you i'm going to get out of here no matter what I have to do.
I've grown tired of the constant debating with you..
just let me do what i'm going to do..
apparently my hands aren't clean anyway, so bloodstains wouldn't make a difference..
it can be washed off, but the memory leaves a permanent stain.
inhaling that same toxic air...
how do you ever expect to get anywhere..?
your eyes have grown faint & your laughter means nothing to me..
you're all just bathing in one another's self destructive disease.. 
I want so badly to just float in the sky...
I need a real change of tide.. 
I want to climb a purple mountain,
dive off & grow some black angel wings,
man of all the fucking simple things.... 
can I fly to another dimension?
or will this back always be scabbed of the wings you've prevented me...?
robbing me of my potential as I watch everyone else let their's coil down the drain..
damn.. which of us is truly insane?
Author's Notes/Comments: 



Light and Dark

Every tear a snapshot

Every wound a memory

Scars I can’t remove

Remind of what you did to me

Visions glare in front of me

But I can’t feel a thing

That life both past is present

All lost because a ring


I'm trying to make things better,
but they only get worse.
Trying to stuff the pain away
To try and hide the hurt.
But this world is grinding at my sand paper sanity
until it's absolutely nothing.
And these demons have me on my knees begging for mercy.

Well, at least it’s something


I can’t go on like this

I’ve got to get away

Fallen angels dragging me down

To die again today

My heart has lost it’s city lights

It’s eroded into the slum

And I’ll never feel a thing again

I only can feel numb

Lost, abandoned, forsaken, left

Deserted, discarded, neglected, bereft

Cast off again, I can’t even start

Another child aborted, but this was my heart


All that’s left is apathy

Nothing left inside of me

Never will we be one

And so I’m left again, numb 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Italics were written by Underwater_Trying_Not_to_Drown.  Enjoy

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The Mirth of Misery

her contagious smile she hides behind
Touches everyone and everything,
Except for her eyes.

For in those pale blue eyes,
Lies the threshold to the labyrinth
Of scars and sorrows buried deep inside.

Her sweet songs of laughter and happiness
Flood through you until you plunge into
A tranquil state of pure euphoria and bliss.

Never open your ears
If she’s singing her songs,
Or you might hear the cries masked in the giggles.

But if you happen to see her eyes
And or hear her cries,
Be sure not to share.

Silently bathe in the clutch of her woe,
For if you reach out,
You could alleviate her pain.

And when her grins become real and her laughs truly merry,
The aches of humanity
Will need a new heart to carry.

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Stand Strong

Life is just too hard
You fight your battles
And all you get are scars
You let someone in
And they break your heart
No one understands you
Just for who you are

There are times when we feel we’re not enough
That’s when you need to turn to God above

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

I know it hurts
When they attack you with their words
But you’re stronger than you know
And you don’t know how much THEY hurt
It might be
That they’re scared of life too
And what they might need
Is the hero inside you

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

You don’t know how much you’re worth
So get out of the dirt
And live the life you’ve been given
I know
That sometimes it’s too hard
So shine just like the stars
Cause the One who died for you
Is there to help you up

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

Stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

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Desire Fire

My Love

“Pitch black all around
Was how my life looked
Until you came into it
And brought me light.”

Nah, that’s too cliché

How about:
“I was just fine
Before I met you
And I didn’t even like you much at first
I thought you were cute
But I didn’t like your attitude
Yet you grew on me
Like a rose growing onto a stone wall
But the closer I got to you
The more I could feel the heat of a fire out of my control
It wasn’t that you loved me
It is just your personality
To burn those closest to you
But I couldn’t leave
I had fallen for the flames
And though I sometimes danced in your inferno
I couldn’t help but to come out burned

We’re opposites, you and I
For where you burn
I am ice-cold
So it didn’t hurt me when you left
Not as much as you would’ve felt
But I still want you back
It’s not a pain
But an ache
And the only thing that can melt my heart,
That can teach me to love again
Is you.”

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Just A Dream

Light and Dark

Swirling phantasms all around me
Death and life both in accord
Time is years in seconds counting
And yet no time I can afford

A flash, a face
A twinge of feeling
Just a second
Sends my heart reeling
The old scars
I thought were healing
Suddenly open
And start bleeding

I can’t take it
My heart breaks
All I want is your embrace
Please come back
Don’t leave me here
Don’t leave me to the void I fear

Time is fading, eternity ending
Daylight’s footfalls at the door
Reaching out so you can save me
Just a dream, nothing more.

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