Hello to my old friend

Hello my old dear friend
I see your cold hard unloving stare
Only your darkness you send my way 
Piercing my soul inner deep of  my break
Trying to hard to make me fear and wake
Calling my name and laying your seed
You are only thriving, you think that you need
Feeding me lies and hopeless fakes
Who is soaring what do you think I'll take
Falling into those hissing hardened tribulations 
Covering my mind with such wrong dark ambitions 
Trying to drive me mad and make my cry
I keep asking this to you oh why do you lie
You keep taunting me for my mind to drop
You keep lying and hissing to my ears of naught 
To taint my dreams and darken my lot
I keep fighting and screaming to you hell no
Yet you keep trying to pushing to a new low
You hiss and scream that I'm done and can't go on
I start laughing as you think that you have won
Staring and smiling what do you think you accomplished 
But keep in mind everything you believe is so lacking 
To steer my life from what is truely right
And ignoring the strength of what I might
Keep fighting back and yell it is enough
Because I have such a thing as what we know as love
My strength in emotions are held so true
We all know it Is such a dark poison to you
You hate me and you hate this 
And I will win as you so heartedly wish
That I will keep falling and succumb
And you want me to feel so very numb
You pick and prod and push the needle
You keep hoping that I will not be a leader
And a leader to my every careful hought
I keep going yet you know that  I fought
I am a warrior and a strong women to be hold 
I will never give up and I will stay straight and bold
And It hurts you that I keep fighting back 
This Wisdom, truth, love, that you lack 
You my old friend are just a past forgotten 
And you keep trying, but not what I am wanting
I have life and light in my ever going fight
My husband, my kids, are my everlasting light. 
And I spread my wings and raise to the skies
And I know how deep your traumatizing lies
Can break my heart, and my mind, and my soul
Guess what, you fucking prick, I am not alone
This is your jealousy, yet you can't stand it 
While I laugh because I am on a high grandeur 
This darkest wilt that rose in a spoiled field
As a risen and bloomed spirit and will not yield 
To the dark old friend of sorrow and sadness
I have taken my strength and fought this madness.
I say go away, and stay far and disappear 
Because,  I am a women will that preceveur.
So hello to my old friend from dark and sad
You have opened my eyes, and to that I am gald!
I will ignore and throw your hissing far away
Thank you, fuck you, so have a good day!
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One of my attempts at a country song.... comment, rate, and enjoy

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I wrote this poem 4 years ago, I'm not quite sure why. I know I was in history class, and this poem talks about wars, soldiers, battles, leaders, racism, rights. Freedom, and equality. It talks about how they all fought for our rights, beliefs, our land, and equality. That we should all be free and equal. And towards the end it says that after all they did for it, why do racisim, anger, hate, and ext... Still exist? Idk exactly why I wrote this, but after re reading it, that's what I got out of it. Hope it helps to explain this poem. :)

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