Anubis the Forecast


The sand ascended,

A whirlwind closeby.

In the tomb,

Where the dead were lain to rest.

From this storm raised,

The aspect of Anubis.

The god that attends the dead,

To the hereafter...

With robust voice raised,

He let me know:

"Dead you go!"

My destiny written down.

A day hereafter,

In normal life;

I almost drowned in the lake,

Death had grabbed me tight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Vision I had.

A Vision of Alhazred


A man with glassed appeared,

Who are you? I asked.

Then its appearance changed

In something I could recognize.


Slowly it changed and changed,

Into the form of Abdul Alhazred.

After reading his biography,

I got this vision...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Vision I had.


Short Stories

Thunder was heard from outside, I saw the lightning through a hole in my curtains. I knew they had come, I started to walk around. Then on a bookshelf I saw the statue of the Demon, the Demon I knew but instantly again (and to my frustration) forgot his name. Then He spoke to me, the Demon; He discussed with a fierce voice the upcoming end of the world and many other things of which I had no understanding.


The Demon showed me a vision of great Anubis-beasts who made the ground tremble, black they were, with great Anubis-heads and vast bodies without roundings (at least none were such as visible). On top of these Anubis-beasts rode great Pharaohs dressed in white and gold, but immediately through or split from their chests bloody open came zombies, leaving the pharaohs cut open and dead, falling away from the great beasts. That was my vision of the end of the world, which always seems to include zombies.


Ramses came into the room after I heard the alarm of war outside, he said we had to hide from the bullets that would kill a man so he said he would hide me in the cellar. As ridiculous as he is, he put me under the table in a sleeping-bag, that was his cellar, I don't know, maybe he was already mad at this point; it just didn't make much sense to keep lying there so I stood up and walked towards the window. Then a bullet came through the glass, but it was a strange bullet; it seeks its target and keeps bumping to the walls until it has find a target. This time the bullet didn't hit me but almost did as I was unbalanced and had great difficulty avoiding the bullet.


I decided to go to the cellar myself. There were strange colored glass windows (which I don't recall seeing before) in the many rooms (which were all mine as I claimed them before due to the reason that nobody wanted to live there because of the evil things possibly dwelling there). I had really huge rooms but I decided to remain in the small rooms...


Then it happened, the bullet came through one of the windows, as it started to seek its target people came running down the stairs towards me (including Ramses). They all saw it when the bullet hit me, but then something weird happened: it didn't kill me, it made me mad, really insane, delirium in a chaotic way...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(A dream I had).

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I see London,

I see France

And the bridge between.


Like an eagle my vision flies

Over the countries

Over the rivers

Over the plains.


Truly adventure

Can happen inside

You don't have to leave your house

To project or have visions.


I roam far and wide,

I see heaven and the sky

I see the Cosmos

In and Outside


My vision travels

Far and wide!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Personal poem.

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Yig - The Deadly Snake


Yig went out of my head,

Wasn't I so sad?

In me male and female snake,

O Yig, please don't be awake.


Fastly in the taxi they put me

O let dead not have me!

But dead again I went,

This is what Nyarlathotep meant.


O in anger and wrath I don't want to be,

A female snake in each human you see.

So Tawil took them all out,

And dropped to the floor humans about.


Zombies were left on the Earth

Everything dead, everything burned.

Ghosts, robotic humans by aliens controlled,

This story was never before told...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision about the Serpent-God Yig.

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Light and Dark

Every tear a snapshot

Every wound a memory

Scars I can’t remove

Remind of what you did to me

Visions glare in front of me

But I can’t feel a thing

That life both past is present

All lost because a ring


I'm trying to make things better,
but they only get worse.
Trying to stuff the pain away
To try and hide the hurt.
But this world is grinding at my sand paper sanity
until it's absolutely nothing.
And these demons have me on my knees begging for mercy.

Well, at least it’s something


I can’t go on like this

I’ve got to get away

Fallen angels dragging me down

To die again today

My heart has lost it’s city lights

It’s eroded into the slum

And I’ll never feel a thing again

I only can feel numb

Lost, abandoned, forsaken, left

Deserted, discarded, neglected, bereft

Cast off again, I can’t even start

Another child aborted, but this was my heart


All that’s left is apathy

Nothing left inside of me

Never will we be one

And so I’m left again, numb 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Italics were written by Underwater_Trying_Not_to_Drown.  Enjoy

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The walls close in on me,
And my breathing becomes heavy.
I begin to see things,
Visions that don’t exist.

The visions now surround me,
The visions yell at me.
My ears begin to bleed,
And the silence deafens me.

My thoughts are coming undone,
As the visions pull me away.
I’m taken to a new place,
Nothing I have ever seen.

I think about fighting it,
But maybe it’s best for me.
I let go of everything,
I let this new world guide me.

I think about what this is,
But I don’t really care.
I have let myself go,
The visions now have all control.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I feel like this is my best one yet, what do you think, and how do you like my overall form?

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patient #223

Section 8

I've been here so long, locked inside this hell so long ago, I don't know if I even existed before I opened my eyes in this prison. I don't even know if there is a world beyond these walls. Everything is so hazy in my mind, I'm not sure what is real and what is a dream, though the doctors tell me it is all in my mind, and the people who come to me aren't real. I'm told they don't' exist, but they tell me things that are to be, and whisper in my ears at night, words of future events. I've tried telling someone, anyone, but the therapy and the experiments have left me nothing but a consciousness that barley hangs on, and feels as it fades with each treatment. I am locked in my mind now, with no one to hear me, but myself and the grey people who still visit me. I no longer try, but keep it locked inside, just as they have me locked in here, with hope that I'll be cured and free, but I'm so scared I fear I'll never be able to stand among men again as a human..but as a freak, a monster of their creating. In this place, I spend my time, and the time is soon that I will be free of my own doing, whether in death or life. They have a plan for me, and Soon that plan will be revealed.

Slumber And Pleasure In The Last Days Of Season's Delight

We drink to the summer's fall
make love and pleasure in the temples of winter's kingdom
seeing visions of visions and touching garments
of purple and white
and dance to the god's command
by the shadow and by the fires of night
we sing the song of salvation and pray
for the coming rapture of glory and light.

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