Biko The Woodsy Owl

Biko came down from heaven
brought a message from Jesus to impart

the sun comes up every morning in full view of the day
one must be humble enough to bow the knee to pray

I'm a messenger from the most high God
as a beacon of like to a hurting world in need of love

Harken onto me dear woodsmen in your strife
I'll draw waters from heaven for you to quench your thirst

for I was hear with the Timber Wolf basking in nature's sway
fill my beak with fallen residue that fall from ivy dew

Come bask in the vast expanse between space & time
we are all chosen for a purpose from a grand design

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endless thoughts

Thinking through thoughts I thought of thinking through.

Though, thinking through thoughtless thoughts is thought to be thinking thoughtfully.

So thoughtfully, I'm thoughtfully thinking through thoughtless thoughts thought to be thoughtless only to think of more thoughtful thoughts. Only thinking through thoughtless thoughts can more thoughtful thoughts be thought.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I hope this brought a smile to your face Smile

One Small Step

I raise my hands

I give up

Finally death overwhelms my soul

Ashes to ashes

To earth we return

To the embrace of home

And I am going home

But death is just the beginning

A small step to a greater journey

So don’t mourn my passing

Don’t cry

But laugh hysterically

Shout till your lungs burst

Because I’m waiting for you

I’m waiting for you to catch up

Because you are a step behind


And we’ll love again when you come here

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All Inside Of You (inspired by squawk)

The thing
about reflection
is that it needs
a source
that feeds it
force to spur
it's might.

gathers light.

Let it be...
and it
will do
you right.

Let others be



4:43 PM 4/16/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reflection is what we make of it. It should really be called vibration...but because we have eyes...we 'see'...sometimes not too clearly.

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The Wise Ones

I figured out the whys to wise,


It can happen within a blinking,


While some are busy thinking they know,


Others keep on thinking.


© 9:36 AM 4/16/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About why wisdom happens.

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

She stares at me with intense distaste.
I soak in her scrutinizing judgment
As our eyes lock.
A dolorous sobbing begins in her throat
And slowly creeps upon her face as her brow furrows.
Her eyes look on with a new potency;
All hatred has left the cloudy blue spheres,
And in its place a sickening anguish.
Her bleak eyes plead with me for help.
Just as my mouth opens for reassurance
a laugh escapes her lips and her eyes drop to the floor.
Cheerfulness envelopes her body as she cries out with laughter.
I begin to smile back at this playful new friend,
But again I see her eyes.
I helplessly stare into the threshold of her scars and sorrows,
Wishing to once more only see her pseudo-happiness.
Her smile widens,
Knowing I’ve seen past her façade.

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The Mirth of Misery

her contagious smile she hides behind
Touches everyone and everything,
Except for her eyes.

For in those pale blue eyes,
Lies the threshold to the labyrinth
Of scars and sorrows buried deep inside.

Her sweet songs of laughter and happiness
Flood through you until you plunge into
A tranquil state of pure euphoria and bliss.

Never open your ears
If she’s singing her songs,
Or you might hear the cries masked in the giggles.

But if you happen to see her eyes
And or hear her cries,
Be sure not to share.

Silently bathe in the clutch of her woe,
For if you reach out,
You could alleviate her pain.

And when her grins become real and her laughs truly merry,
The aches of humanity
Will need a new heart to carry.

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