I am a whisper of tears

can you hear me 

i am the whisper of tears

the nothing

floating in a sea

one two three 

dont blink 

dont blink

 covered in a flood 

stumble stumble fall

get up 

wake up 

the reality 

nothing is as it seems

sinking sinking melting away 

in shame 

in pain 

its only a game 

its only a game 

dont blink 

try not to sink 

its lame 

we all play this game 

this simple game of deciet 




till there is defeat 

shaking in misery 

laying there still breathing 

white flag raised 

no dont give up 

sew together the seem 

make it new 

blank sheet 

go again start fresh 


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Wilting Rose


Since I met you on that musty day,

you were my lamp,

you lit the way.

"Me?", I pondered, for it was I you chose,

I've always been a wilting rose.


A blooming love,

emerging from it's bud,

a true gift from above.

It pains me to see it was I you chose,

I'll always be a wilting rose.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

My mind produces amazing art when tragedy strikes.

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Last Day?

Into the depths of despair I succumb,


not knowing which one thy will be done.


With hope bleak and options none...


forsake this day for I'll be gone.


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To Abandon Hope Of Safety


I remember that hour


It was clear as a bell


For I was lost,


Alone and roaming


Through the fiery pits of hell


I couldn't hear my voice


My ears were ringing


For my heart beat was deafening me


Because what could this life do for me?


What could it be bringing?


Maybe I'm a pessimist


Maybe I'm wrong,


But what does it matter?


I promise it won't last long


And no,


I'm not talking about the pain or the world


For those would last forever.


I'm talking about myself,


Through the pain I severed.




I remember that hour


The day I wasn't so brave


Because it was the day I let myself go


One last time




I remember that hour


It was the day I finally let dreams take over


And let myself be a coward.


Abiit nemine salutato



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is my first peom pls dont hate me lol

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Its a Slaughter House

 Yesterday I was loved

 today I am crammed 

 crammed into a trailer

there are others here 

 others that were loved

 like I used to be

 I hear nickers and neighs

 I see a sign that says Mexico

 we arrive to a beat up building 

where it reeks of blood


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I couldnt finish it, I am very passionate about horses. I couldnt write about them dying. Over 100,000 horses every year are sent to slaughter houses... Its a terrible thing... This poem is about bringing awareness, most horses are super sweet and loved by a family. The family then sells them to an unknown home where they end up on the back of a trailer.

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Too Late

Things left alone often Wither,

those whom love often put on a blinder.

Is it cliche to speak of death as an enemy that steals one so soon?

Is it death that conquers all?

Or is it one that says "Nothing could ever happen"

so they live like that everyday?

Is it silly to say that perhaps one that was fluffy with a tail is loved so much,

once dead would bring a world of tears?


Remember when he was sick and I said

"oh he's fine nothing could ever happen."

But then two months later he's sick and dying.

Too late to save, why did you wait?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually write this poem about my cat.

I was up one night and he kept coughing, I started crying and wrote this. 

Dont worry, he is still alive healthy and happy.

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Your Unseen ‘You’

I saw,

The unseen ‘you’,

Once your disloyalty,

Shone as the sun brightly!


You acted like a whore,

Sucking my heart’s core,

Leaving me barren at hand,

Like the waste land.


I did try to go away,


But my love for you had ‘no’ to say!

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I cannot figure out my problem,

I sit alone in my room.

and for once I’d like to think my parents were right-

I’m fine, just 13.


I understand why I’m afraid of heights

I am afraid of being  towered over,

looking past me to someone else,


I am forgotten.


Years later, I am only known when being seen in the wrong light,

I am only seen on the TV,

or the jury look at me,

I see the blood on my hands,

the prosecutor cannot let me see more land,

I am scared for my fate,

I act like I am without a care,


I don’t think the death penalty is fair.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

uh idk. i'd like feedback

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I was the only one that really understood.
When everyone else left i gave you the gift of not giving a F***.
I made you feel strong.
When infact you were weak.
I helped you to disconnect,
That was me.
Hiding the thing's you didn't want to see.
I made you believe you were in control.
while little,by little
from you i stole.
I made you believe you had the answer's to all.
Just to watch you trip then fall.

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