Tales and Fables

The heart within me turned to stone

Like a wolf pack's lonesome cries

Darkness woven in my bones

But starlight fading in my eyes

I hear the whispers in the trees

A wisp's song fluttering on the breeze

But ne'er will I go home again

Ne'er will I go


I heard the call of maiden fair

But swore again I'd go not there

My lonesome crying in the night

Has formed me as a sullen wight

Oh cursed fairy! How could you lead

A child to such an awful deed

For ne'er can I return again

Ne'er to return


Alone at last, my will is done

Now, forever this must be

Before my mind be overrun

To hurt no more, my final plea

My past is lost, the future nigh

My story dead on sands of time

To home I must return again

Again I must turn home

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Sublime Blank Verse

The meter is mesmerizingly beautiful. Bowing to the inevitable, you return - allets -




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Again I must return; again and again. I know not if it be curse or malediction, but should I shut my words away they would continue to burn in my bones until I no longer can stand to be silent; and yet such small whisperings can quell such a hellfire of inspiration.  Thank you for your kindness, and I am glad you appreciate my humble contrivance. 


Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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A Re-Read

The mood is mellow and less somber than a well stated expression of mood. There is a quiet beauty in seeking to be alone while not wanting to be alone. Life is all about risk taking, a lesson I intend to exemplify in 2018. Chose to be joyous. That's where it comes from anyway. :D ~allets~

Definition of fey 


1a chiefly Scotland :fated to die :doomed
b :marked by a foreboding of death or calamity
  • another and lesser man … gave a fey lonely warning
  •  —Hodding Carter
2a :able to see into the future :visionary 
  • Not being fey, he never suspected what it would lead to.
b :marked by an otherworldly air or attitude
  • she had that half shy, half fey smile and that birdlike perkiness
  •  —A. G. Ogden
3a :excessively refined :precious 
  • fey, self-indulgent dandy