Heart Ache

Heart Break

My heart aches everynight I cry myself to sleep, When I have the thought that you aren't mine to keep. 

My heart aches every morning my notifications are baron, and so are my arms. All I can do is keep caring for your attitude and your charms.

Everytime I hear a bird coo, or when I even put on my shoe, all I can think of is how

My Heart Aches For You.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cherish them while they're still there.


Loneliness is being in the room with your love,

And realizing that there is no love in the room.


Loneliness is having a nightmare in bed,

And rolling over to realize that the dream was warmer than real life.


When I needed you

You weren't there

When I had to trust you

You broke my trust

When I held you up

You knocked me down

When I gave you everything

You took it all away


Loneliness is wanting to be understood,

But realizing that no-one else

Has the time or patience to discover

Who you really are


Tales and Fables

The heart within me turned to stone

Like a wolf pack's lonesome cries

Darkness woven in my bones

But starlight fading in my eyes

I hear the whispers in the trees

A wisp's song fluttering on the breeze

But ne'er will I go home again

Ne'er will I go


I heard the call of maiden fair

But swore again I'd go not there

My lonesome crying in the night

Has formed me as a sullen wight

Oh cursed fairy! How could you lead

A child to such an awful deed

For ne'er can I return again

Ne'er to return


Alone at last, my will is done

Now, forever this must be

Before my mind be overrun

To hurt no more, my final plea

My past is lost, the future nigh

My story dead on sands of time

To home I must return again

Again I must turn home

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If life was like a letter

And reality a dream

If love was somewhat better

Alive but less extreme


If the past was dead and rotten

And Death was just a door,

Then I could bear your loving scars

For now and evermore

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Arrangement in any minor key

Arrangement in any minor key

By JFarrell


The music is me

Discordant, harsh, out of tune

A roaring cacophony

Ill composed from its beginning


Composed by a loveless mother

Transcribed by a violent father

A minor key

For sadness and pain


Along the way

It’s been added to, altered

Key changes everywhere

By those who consider themselves conductors


But, now

A new instrument has found its voice

From the depths of my soul

Haunting pizzicato strings stir and swell


An orchestra of strings hails the now

And is answered by woodwind breaths

The angelic harmony of harp song

Envelopes all


With a life of its own

The music of my soul rewrites me

Rewrites all that I was and have become

I am now a movement in the key of E



Author's Notes/Comments: 

music heals



We woke from our potholed hearts,
Walked as we trembled,
Kept our memories in white, 
Fill our breath evalastingly,
Poured our kisses to our lips,
Rise though left our hearts dust away.

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The Road


I once took a breath,
With a dose of smiles,
Covered with death,
But taste of an angels breath,
Quenching thirst as death roars within me,
But only bears the taste of your love.

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when THEY come for me

When THEY come for me

By Jfarrell


When THEY come for me

It ain’t gonna matter

I will be so far gone

THEY can have my decaying, rotten remains

And do what THEY like with them




I don’t care why THEY’re coming this time

Take my home

Throw me out to live on the streets

Put me back in that hospital

You will take your meds or we will tie you down and force them into you


When THEY come for me

I ain’t gonna be here


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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the new world

The new world

By Jfarrell


It used to be..





Of the tap,

Make you mad enough

Wanna kill someone;



Where’s my reply????

Cmon, stupid bloody phone

Useless bloody internet….


I asked her to marry me….


OH…………….. SHI………. sorry


I didn’t mean to hit you,

Bugger, sorry, was on the phone…


Please wake up,

I can’t of hit you, that hard,

Please wake up.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

dunno what went wrong, but scares the crap outta me

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