Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Four and Five

An hour pass midnight, my curse is

sleepless, mind weary, creative

thinking, imaginary vision; sleep-

walking in my dreams between



Too walk in the dark one must

embrace the darkness, welcome

Moloch into your dreams, be aware

of the shadows that walk besides

you; often three shadows follow me

....nothing else matters once you

have sold your soul, enjoy the night

,and let the fire burn!


I met a lover in the shadows of the

night; her darkside is similiar to mine

, same interest, struggles, and

addiction....when all is quiet, stoner's

asleep, tweeker's hiding, and prosti-

tutes gone home, my lover and I get

naked and fuck at the crossroads

under dark skies, no moonlight....

only shadows!


Curse the damned, blasphemous,

heaven's abomination including me....

pale horse rider of the armageddon

with sinister ways; my name was

never written in the book of life!


Invocations to the dark, evil, and

unholy with sacrifice will open the

nine gates of hell; be careful when

evoking the spirits of darkness; if

your mind is not ready for what is to

come, your heartbeat will stop at

the sound of my feet approaching

your dreams, destroying your



It is 2:10AM, invocations to the dark

side are becoming rituals, rites of

dragula, perversions, and manisfes-

tations; Lucifer speaks in demonic

tongues, no need to translate, I

understand! Invocations to Lillith

with ghost songs in cemeteries at

the witching hour; my soul possess,

the evil within bleeds over the tombs

of the dead!


SoulKritic 2014 Copyright

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curses and Invocations....

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I'm Sorry


I was once your baby girl.

Little and innocent,

You were ready to give me

the whole world.


But then I changed 

from kid to teen,

and I wasn't the same 

as I was once before.


I hurt myself because 

it makes me feel better,

putting the hurt on my skin

instead of inside my heart.


I'm sorry i've become

the kind of daughter you

don't want, never wanted.


I'm not innocent anymore,

I'm not your baby girl anymore....

I'm nothing good anymore..


I'm Sorry.



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open door's

Unseen thought's
Unspoken word's
Silent as if death come's

Cold hand's
Eye's black as the night
Broken images

In this moment fear take's over
Weak helpless, unsure
Sadden by what has been showed
Lie's, ego, pride flow's like blood
throw vein's

Feeling of darkness
Push pull, push pull, back and forth
Back and forth

Unseen cries
Unheard thought's
Broken dream's

Drowning with no way out

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Untold Truths

I have this heart , empty with echoes

Its reflection ever changing, searching

Your name still appearing, engraved


A crack, the fracture


Your image in the shattered pieces

I wish not to disturb it


I have nothing, other than these pieces

Pieces, not even mine

Pieces of borrowed time


These pieces, unwanted

I only had pieces to offer

Now none


I do not want the void, nor do I want to fill it ....

I wish I could put these pieces back together ....


I wish these pieces didnt hurt so bad



No Doubt

Short Poems

There was never any doubt

Until the haze clouded over you

And that's when you burned out 

I thought you would get through


But as it becomes clear

Our friendship is done

But I still love you my dear

No matter how much you shun


All I can do is guess

Always blaming myself

All this causes is stress

Of course you can't trouble oneself




Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my best, but it's nice to be back. I hope someone at least enjoys this and that it speaks for itself. More to come about this.


They want you to have it all figured out.

Even the wind does not

That is why it sometimes sways.

Depict me being pushed back and forth.

The mind is the greatest weapon.

It can be used against oneself.

It is like building an army just to have them turn on you.

She helps my foundation stay strong.

But as a human I am constantly tempted.

You seem to have it all found out.

Tell me how you do it.

How do you build a kingdom out of a shack?

A wife out of a woman?

How do you get someone to love you?

You never really know what is on a person’s mind.

Do you really need that security?

The mind takes that insecurity and tortures you.

A leaf in the wind.

A house in a tornado.

Water in a hurricane.

Do I need to say more?

Security is stability.

Security is truly never stable.

Only security in God.

We even doubt that sometimes.

We sway.

From time to time.



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Water Please

A bottle that is half empty feels the same way as me.

It is the only thing on this planet that can relate to me.

One second I think I’m almost at the end of the race.

The next I feel as if I’m cramping in the middle of the track.

Or I think I’m going to make it over the hurdle

But I’m half full so I’m too heavy to get over the hurdle.

I’m weighted down.

By what?

I’m trying to figure that out.

My shadow doesn’t follow me everywhere I go.

There are certain places it isn’t allowed to go.

These locations are off limits but I still enter.

They have signs that say “Don’t enter”

But I’m not driving on the road.

I’m just walking


I’m trying to find what I lost in the darkness.

It’s cold here so I don’t think I’m close.

I don’t know what is wrong and what is not of my character anymore.

It’s hard to decipher what everything means.

I figured I was taking the right path

Until I saw a flying pig and a bird with no wings.

Abnormal and deranged thoughts.

I don’t know if I’m okay.

Can you answer that for me?

I travel a lot.

I never stay still.

I don’t really have a place I call “home”.

It’s just a place I temporarily reside.

People come and go.

A Legend died today.

My inspiration and I barely even was aware.

Still she rises.

I want to rise with the birds.

Speak up they can’t hear your shadow.

They want to overshadow you.

My presence is not always felt.

Frustration in me that I don’t want to let out.

I want to hold it just a little while longer.

You could probably compare it to a flower that is slowly wilting.

The flower needs water.

Black petunia.

Where is the rest of the water for the half full bottle?

I need to figure out where it is.

I thought I finished running track back in high school.

I’m trying to get my degree.

Pass the baton.

I’ve spent enough time here.

I need a vacation.

Away from it all.

Where I can just sit, dream, and enjoy.

I can’t do that often here.

Somewhere with a big body of water

 For me to fill my bottle for free.

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A Perfect Pair, A perfect fate

I'm being dragged bare against the road with no set destination

I didn't know love would feel like a morbid amputation

Running through my mind and yet no set estimation

Looking for salvation, but forever ending with sensation


I held my world up like you lit up the sky, you were my sun

To make me feel alive for once? You were the only one

Now the sun sets again, but the fright has just begun

I wait the day you rise again, I can't think it's said and done


One day, I know, you will not come back

For good, they say, I'd think I'd have a heart attack

With you I feel alive, but without the visions pitch black

You make me who I am, but you make me what I lack


But they say I think I feel isn't true

But when I saw you, I knew

You held me up like glue

and I knew right there,  that I couldn't live without you


I'll give you all the time you need and wait

To years to decades, for me its never too late

Even if I'm old, and almost by life's gate

To die together is my wish, to be a perfect fate


And so I love you with my being, and all my heart

Despite any other who can set us apart

I know from the end, and to the start

For this love is more than that, a beautiful beautiful art.

Pretty Hurts


Magazines and T.V. screens

show these girls all day

Pretty little creatures,

who show what we should say.

Who smile in front of the camera

but cry behind closed doors,

forcing themselves into delusion,

Until they can't find "them" anymore...

We raise them to believe only beauty

will determine their worth.

And to try and maintain a facisimile of perfection

Because the world will only see the very worst.

We make them parade around

pretending to be little airheads

"What's in your head doesn't matter,"

we teach our girls to be brain dead

We teach them they need to be thinner

to throw up who they want to be,

No personality is what matters,

Bimbos are what we think are "pretty."

We tell them they have to fix themselves

but you can't fix what is with in.

You must keep down the sadness you feel,

to show an opinion is basically a sin.

You could enter a paegant,

and come on top the winner,

and they'll still find something to pick up

"You could always be thinner."

We cause these girls to lose themselves,

telling them they cant be happy.

We tell them they need to add more makeup

thats the only way to be pretty.

Press on nails, and fake eyelashes,

erasing who they were with determination.

Telling girls they'll soon be perfect, but...

"Perfection is the disease of a nation

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspirsed by Beyonce's Song... Link on bottom

Pretty Hurts:



Anything in parenthesis is a lyrics from her song.

No copy right infringement here folks :D