Untold Truths

I have this heart , empty with echoes

Its reflection ever changing, searching

Your name still appearing, engraved


A crack, the fracture


Your image in the shattered pieces

I wish not to disturb it


I have nothing, other than these pieces

Pieces, not even mine

Pieces of borrowed time


These pieces, unwanted

I only had pieces to offer

Now none


I do not want the void, nor do I want to fill it ....

I wish I could put these pieces back together ....


I wish these pieces didnt hurt so bad



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Shattering Verse

It is easier to destroy than to create - so many pieces that will no longer fit - the ultimate regret image - the egg fallen, the shards glossy with the shattering.


Regret nothing/kick the pieces/

to the curb/with pain they come back

like the reflections of past love.


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