By jfarrell


I do envy those who believe in god;

Whoever your god happens to be;

I mean no disrespect;

I don’t need moral guidance;

Try to be nice to everyone works for me;


When the world and everyone in it is against you,

Or so I feel,

“please, god, what am I spose to do?”


A faith,  a belief, a reliance;

A compass; point the way;

Set you back on your course;

Give you, give me a direction..

I do envy you.


And, whatever your compass is..

God, mindfulness meditation, getting drunk and having lotsa sex

(lucky bastards)

Use it.

Don’t end up lost, floundering like me.


I will get to somewhere better than I am now,

Believing in something watching over me, caring about me;

Might make the journey easier.

So, I envy you believers.


I can’t even read a map,

My skill as a compass… ?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

show me the way to go home, i'm tired and i wanna go to bed

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If Part 2

Verse 1:

Whenever we're together,

I can feel the love in the air.

Have I gone too far?

Have I changed that line

Between a friendship and relationship?

'Cause nothing's like before.

You left me hanging by a thread.



Without a care in the world,

You left me without saying goodbye.

Guess there is no forever for us.

No promises made

To last for eternity.

Now, I move on.


Verse 2:

If only you'd realize

What I realized 

About us,

Things wouldn't have

ended the way they did.

I know you know it too.



If you and me,

If there's a possibility

Of becoming one with you,

Let me into your nooks.

But you said that

We'd fall in love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

About someone playing "mind games" with you and leading you on, to be honest.

Sometimes i Cry

Got to keep it real but sometimes I stare at the four walls that steal
I like to keep it all in until it starts to get heavy
No toke of a smoke on a blunt to implode
I suffer inside having no good reason to run away & hide
Still I seek for a higher power relax & take a hot shower
We each go through things in life amidst the given strife
Sparks fly through the duration inside my brain lest I refrain
I cry for the lonely hustler on the street trying to get something to eat
I cry for the widow in her deep affliction
I cry for the humble in every situation
So I take my time to write down a list
To show what I thankful for
A reason by which to explore
A pause to reflect on a sparkling array of blissful care
I thank God everyday as I bow my knee to pray
Others may claim it ought not be that way
Yet who are they any way
One needs a heart saturated with love
love is the essence of one's inner existence
Never join in the resistance
Some times I cry in my dreams
evil screams things that come from a world so very mean
I cry for the poor in their affliction
Life was never intended to be easy
How you fought so hard and fierce
My one truest love is gone from here
A challenge to be free is a question of time
My one solution is using my mind
Living on the edge and it's going to my head
Sitting up at night all alone in bed
Following the rainbow to the sky
I see a vision of you pass me by
Our war were in is almost over
it's so hard to believe I lost a lover

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liquid Torn Illumination

smoldering duration of piercing eyes lurking
searching & seeking in the midnight blood
portals filled with vast darkened madness

eyes, hands & face
following headlong at the seams
the mind is vast has many connections
some are lost torn to a world of scorn

Scientists search for a reason to believe yet what ?
there the tool of the government & industry to
they have bitten off more then they could chew
Liquid torn illumination

hearts are beating today to the brigade of doom
death is there plight having viscous fangs that bite
eyes with spots having holes
others ponder there flight in the midnight air

As a space ship looks down to planet earth
looking on to the immense expanse of space & time
to look into the vast domain with an inner torn reflection
the inner mind is fixed with noise pollution

that's why many cleave to suicide as a solution
they hide behind the dark hidden garb of compromise
Can't we each see through all those lies
At death's door there is an immediate sting

the illumination of love in its twilight aura of revolution
everyone believes in something but what ?
no one questions anymore no one has a voice
having eyes with tombstones in their heads

these are desolate time yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes
still a human heart won't beat something it can't
we each have to find what's true & false
the marching orders are for sure follow the golden rule

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Tomorrow People

Tomorrow People

I planted a single seed left long ago
In time roots sprung up out of the fertile soil
In the game of life your time is very brief
try turning over a brand new leaf

many people today seem so very out of reach
these are desolate times yet we settle for ill faded rhymes
casualties are enormous for a stated cause that's atrocious
a mothers cry as the door bell rings

vanishing salute to freedom as the church choir sings
let's look above to the heavenly love
merciful one come take this chip off my shoulder
stop the senseless fighting as our nation grows a bit colder

Tomorrow let's pray for better days
instead of people getting caught in a purple haze
eyes, face & hands
when will we ever live to understand

you can't stand in line while kicking it to the man
how you have fought so hard & fierce
my truest love is gone from here
a challenge to be free is a question of time

Tomorrow people will achieve if one can perceive
it's more then a philosophical rant
one must succumb to the business at hand
hopefully someday all will understand

for love is the true essence of one's inner existence
a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of hope
hope that can evoke feelings of positivity
in a land so full of their negativity

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I'll Forever Fly

The many shades of blue I see,
Far out in the sky
Say my name and beckon me,
I wish that I could fly

Fly above the deep blue seas,
And pain upon the land
For once again I shall be free
And holding no one's hand

The single thing I long to be,
Flies within the sky
I'm not and angel on her knee
I'm a bird that flies up high

High above the swaying trees,
And soaring with the sun
I've lost myself within the breeze,
And now we two are one

For now my problems seem to flee
And I stay in the sky
My problems set my spirit free,
And I'll forever fly

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Electric Kingdom

Electic Kingdom


Isn't it a pity when you hate the city


So no damn good with snake pit lion's den you need someone to be your friend


Like Mickey Mouse & Daffy Duck chasing each other in a bush


The whole wide world is in quite a rush


Yet such a kingdom does exist


Can you catch my drift


In a far off place in search of trace in


A child hood fantasy in a dream whole new scene


With dragons and kings with queens


A court jester killing the village scene


We got trolls living in holes with dirt as their ceiling


Nothing shady in my electric kingdom


Lot's of folks tripping cause I'm on a mission


A vision of twilight sun tainting the vast array of its sparkling ellagance


Such extravagance at first glance a timely dance with a fare maiden


Looking lips shooting hits take some time to move those hips


A sought off excursion in my mind cause the dragon got me in a fix


I mix with tempers of fire blown up in full desire


An angry elf just bit me in the arm so sound the alarm


I came to get down & paint to village town


Electric kingdom where the creatures are so real


Some may claim it as a no good deal


Horses with valiant lances never given any second chances


Took a crap in the distant bushes with a push in


This is a place inside my mind some call me crazy but I am not blind


Rap is good in this place of dreams holding my own as my vison gleams.




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Hard Times

  1. get this young peeps out on the streets
  2. sitting back getting high up in the clouds
  4. (Hook)
  5. I bust a nut in a rut
  6. cooking down at the Mickey D's
  7. cats with blue hats out on the street
  10. 1st verse :
  12. where it began I can't begin to wonder
  13. blowing up tracks like Stevie Wonder
  14. is it any wonder I got to much time on my hands
  16. son you were cursed the very day you were born
  17. daddy out selling stickers with the Mickey in the sleeve
  18. man this world outside just wants to see ya bleed
  19. as homeboy scratching on the fly spin master
  21. my heart is running faster
  22. a soul is in disorder until it meets order
  23. people need to be more open minded with all this talk
  24. going make me play that ass just don't want to
  26. (Hook)
  28. I bust a nut in a rut
  29. cooking down at Mickey D's
  30. cats with blue hats on the street
  32. 2nd verse
  34. just like Muddy Waters you need to take a shower
  35. through the porch swing sippin honey tea
  36. knock me to my knees watch those suckas bleed
  37. like the famed Trick Daddy who escape gravity
  39. tripping like life is a rollercoaster don't have to bend over
  40. got holes in my socks
  41. man homeboy do think a lot
  42. it's almost paradise with words that are slamming
  44. just like soup to nut &I don't know where to put the jam in
  45. got to give it up soon but I'm still in motion
  46. just give me a moment while I chill on some magic potion
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It Wasn't The Nails

Suffering is a part of life, and I say
But sometimes I just wish the suffering would go away
Pain seems so useless, its purpose is so hard to find
When I'm in pain I'm often abrupt, rude & unkind

But Jesus had much more pain than I ever will;
His suffering was the way he chose my sins to kill
He died of lack of blood and lack of enough air
Into his lungs, and to me it seems unfair,

To die for my sins on his cross up there
It wasn't the nails that held Christ to the cross;
It was his love for us that put him at a loss;
For air to breathe and blood to flow

And in the end, for his life to go
My pain has purpose when I unite my pain,
With Christ's pain on the cross which was for my gain;
Gain of forgiveness of my sins on my soul

And for other's sins, too, to make us all whole
So I'll offer up my pain for others, and not complain
For my suffering may help them repent and not sin again
Suffering is a part of life, I know, and I say

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