Welcome To The Grand Illusion

Welcome To The Grand Illusion

where are we have we gotten lost ?
hands, eyes & face

deep inside were all the same
a chance to rearrange in the membrane

no one holds the door open for you anymore
it's the invisible lie of 1964

don't you believe in videos or a salesman giving something to sell
we are all just dust in the wind now where do I even begin

eyes with spots darkened moustache
people with tombstones in their heads

in the confusion of the day give solace to pray
carry your head held high

they will put you in a padded room soon you goon
living helpless in your cocoon

a breath of fresh air doesn't anyone really care
you'll be gone in a New York minute

love not the world neither anything in the world
the world, the lust of the flesh & the pride of life disappears

wisdom is the principle thing therefore gain wisdom
in all thy getting gain understanding

it's the changing of the times
there are lines being drawn in the sand

hopefully all will live to understand
there's really everything inside we have nothing to hide

you built these walls upon social media no surprise
with what we do today will be evident to all eternity

people on the streets turning heads as we speak
with what you perceive as truth may not be a reality

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Sunday Evening in June, London, 2017

Sunday Evening in June, London, 2017

By JFarrell


The cats wearily open an eye as I walk by,

Too tired, too hot,

To see if I come armed with a bag of sweets;

The chirps and tweets of birds;

Sparrows, tits, pigeons, gulls,

As they nestle in for the night.

The sky is a light blue-gray,

And the deep violet clouds are edged with an orange hue.

Just a single plane in the vastness of the sky.

The light breeze is very pleasant

Getting under my shirt and up my sleeves

A very welcome coolness.



I wish it could stay like this forever;

In peace;

But, with the morrow

Will come the aftermath of last week’s tragedy,

Hopefully lessened in tension and anger, if not grief;

And who can foretell what else

Tomorrow or the days after may bring.


Though I know it can’t last forever

I still wish peace for London and the World

In the hope that one day it might.


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Don’t Listen to Them

Don’t Listen to Them

By Jfarrell


Don’t listen to them;

Anyone who tells you “You can’t”;

Don’t listen;

Believe in yourself.


You CAN be anything you wanna be

Do ANYTHING you wanna do

You gotta work at it; you can’t snap your fingers and ‘pow’

But, believe in yourself


Learn, practice - everything IS achievable

By you; because you want to, you choose to;

It’s when you start believing “You can’t” that you’re stuffed

So believe in yourself


There is nothing that can’t be done;

We haven’t found a way to do everything,

Maybe you’ll find the answer and build our first time machine

Or teach the child who will cure cancer

Believe in yourself; I believe in You




Author's Notes/Comments: 

the power of belief

Dope Joint

Word to your mother I'm the over weight lover
A beat of the clock to watch the grand tick tock
Blowing up the system in my shorts
Summer...Summer...Summer is here nothing to fear

Girls in hot shorts the curves on there hips
Hitting the gym no where to begin
Solid as a rock cause I got a big cock
Pulling down the dope joint over my head

Wake up dead a head full of lead
A nine at my back homeboy giving me a heart attack
See you on the flip side cheese
That girl will knock you to you knees

We got the stereo blasting
Body kit cars in the mix
Smoking a blunt to my head
Snoop is singing my favorite song

Gin & juice better then the blues
New sneakers on Nike and I'm not blind
Sound the alarm playing spades on the patio
Banging hot ladies somebody save me

Long hair, short shorts & a weave
Knock you to your knees I got to sneeze
Sugar is sweet like hot in the oven
Better then kissing your second cousin


You say I'm not dope well your all wrong
The stereo is playing my favorite song
Going to play pool with a couple of friends
Should I knock over another mail box

It all depends while I boogey right down to the socks
What's my claim to fame sense the like of Scott La Rock
Pulling on my jock cause you want a another push
Honey's in my sofa and some under my hood

Some are just no damn good
What's a young homeboy to do
Bitten off more then I could chew
What's the golden rule

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When The Tales Awake

when the tales awake

where would you go to escape if the fairy books awoke ?
would you run into a galaxy of mazes and stars
and colors so beautiful that only the most innocent could tell of ?
would you hide in a room with only the cowardly and then form together...

in all your fear and make a mountain ?
would you stay and play beautiful music and tell melancholy tales
for Robin & Marion
and the other outlaws ?

would you leap into a thousand kisses
or float into eternity ?
would you laugh in the courtyards of queens and dance
to the maiden's

songs of unicorns and dragons ?
or would you play games with all the children of
the unknown fairy tales
and guide Mili and be her angel ?

would you laugh and cry
with the winds
and fly away with the swans ?

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A Poet

A Poet

To be a poet is to remain forever young
To understand the sun before the scholar's words
To be able to sleep and to sleep again
On another planet in a secret meadow

To embrace the universe with tenderness
and to relish the impossible happiness of some crazy dream
To keep doing tirelessly and always to welcome
every minute with an open mind

To be a poet is to dialogue with shadows and lights
To begin a bright day when darkness hangs heavy on your hands
To be a poet is to read new words on every face
To be a poet is to be able to say and to glorify

To probe the abyss of the heart
To love without constraints, to pine for love
To be a poet is to recognize oneself in the present moment
It's to be fully alive

To be a poet is to stretch out the arms to life
To say life when the rabble death cries
To be a poet is to be born again every second
To be a magnificent tree in the valley of peace

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Be Afraid

Be Afraid

By JFarrell


It struck me as curious

I’ve been told all my life

“don’t be afraid”

I was going to start my computer class, saying

“Don’t be afraid of the computer”



Especially, if you got to face a fear;

You’ve got to give a presentation

But fear public speaking

In order to overcome a fear

You have to be afraid

So saying “Don’t be afraid” is just daft


  fear * n. 1 an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain or harm.

         2 the likelihood of something unwelcome happening



Being afraid is all right

It is very okay to be afraid

Welcome it

Enjoy it

And then fear some more


Then look back

Are you as afraid of it as you were?

Almost, but not quite

And that’s how you beat fear

Liking beating an addiction

One step at a time



Be afraid           :)


Author's Notes/Comments: 

starting to like fear

All White


Emptiness, a clean start.

Space in your head,

If you let life go on

Then there's place for magic.

Then the world will open itself,

And everything is possible.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts.

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Stop telling me I can’t change the world

Stop telling me I can’t change the world

By JFarrell


Stop telling me I can’t change the world.

You know why one man can’t change the world?

Because everyone tells him he can’t.


Not me!


I am trying to act better.

How I act has an affect on how others act

And so on…



A butterfly flaps it’s wings here,

There has the monster of all storms.


You are reading my poem

That will have some effect on what you feel, what you think

However insignificant



I can and am changing the world.

And I just proved it.


You can change the world too.

Let’s make it better




Author's Notes/Comments: 

proved it