Letting The Bird Out


Willing at the start

We believed we were ready

But the insecurities came flooding in


Like a bird let out of it's cage

Flying high, soaring low

Damage was being done and I didn't know


Feelings were felt

Confused and without direction

Unrewarding activities occurred


Awkward the days became

Further pushed away

All intuition was lost at sea


When it was new

It was exciting

But there wasn't worth to be found


Freedom was dangerous

When abused,

You could lose all


The unexplored will remain a mystery

Acceptance of that is the key



I am drawn to you

like this I can’t help

but see your lips like a weapon

I will fall onto again and again


As much as I will

hold you through the night

I stumble into you

when you look at me like that


Stay or leave

Hold me down

Give me heaven

when you touch me


I sit here for hours

and I’m stuck on you


I will fold words

and moan them into your mouth

Lying here out of breath with you

sings the truth.


There is no way

I am leaving here

without kissing you again.

This is not a rescue,

this is pulling us inside out.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/11/18

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She beheld her Grace


Before his love,
she had been afraid
before his touch,
she had been ashamed

Mirrored in a gaze,
stormy blue
she beheld her Grace,
in clear view

He awoke in her a song
long repressed, so natural
then a dance, demanding rave
with beauty, raw and sensual 

He made her feel safe in love,
to yield to body and voice
he taught her it was always
something meant to be rejoiced

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Obsidian (Full Poem)

Taking hold of the chains,

dragging the weights

through the perlious

perdition, seeing no end

to the plight, obsidian shards

piercing the hooves, blood

leaving its mark on the wasted 

land, as the light of an uncertain day

fades dusk takes its place,

the heat of a long night beginning to set in,

with no moon or stars to lead the way

out of this labyrinth of thorns;


Complete mutilation, flesh stripped off the naked

form; trudging, step after step, nothing but the fear

of never seeing her again, the will shocks the system,

adrenaline secreted: sweat raining down on whats left,

open wounds filled up with a concoction of bodily fluids


Arriving at a junction, the clime molts its condition,

steam concealing the ravaged expanse; lungs 

filled with hot air, eyes showing their tears at last,

gaping pits of perfused lye; tempting just to plunge

in and bathe one last time, boiling like an egg, outer

shell dissolving, the soft vitals boyant in the solution,

pulling off the trigger and continuing  the balacing act,

restrained steps, slowly, tedious fear works it way down

the spine, cannot avoid letting go of the pain, too much to bear,

losing control, slipping , too hard, letting go, toss myself like

a stone, ripples, then sinking to the bottom of the hole, burning

 and exponentially blistering, one last gasp, a scream, then forever



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Kind Of


I am kind of asleep.

I am kind of screaming.

I am kind of lying.

I am kind of shaking.

I am kind of breaking the rules.

I am kind of on top of the world.

I am kind of on fire.

I am kind of in love with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/31/17

Catch Your Breath


There is no way to know how you hold me,

how your wishes leave dust on my skin

so I’ll tell you I have too many side weights to be here.


You run with the tigers but you don’t tell me,

wait for the crest but maybe this is it

so I’ll hold myself over you until you catch your breath.


Here you go, I say I still don’t know

push off loving you like you deserve

so the parachute tears my chest as I leave here again.


There is no way to know how I’ll touch you,

how when you catch your breath I always cave in


so please stay here like you let me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/20/17

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here we fall like the rain

we mend like destruction

and I am so ready to throw the shield,

drench you and let myself become

in a perfect world a lot of things could happen.


here we crash like the concrete

we’re saved like a storm

and I am not ready to be so ready,

living half a life and twice the passion on your skin

in a perfect world I would give you more than I thought possible.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/17/17



It’s just a sliver of angel keeping me in line

I’ll say all the things I couldn’t before

and the shackles burn

now that I know I have nothing to prove.


I wish I could steal all your time,

pin it on the chances we didn’t take today,

I wish I could taste you

in a room we could never leave

so even after we’re past the passion I can breathe it in,

I hope you don’t think I’m confused and lonely,

I am shuddering in your arms,

I am so happy here.


I wish I could let you in

but only half of you is on the doorstep,

the choice I have made is not to tighten the knot

but I can’t

I don’t want to untie myself from you.


It’s just a rope keeping me from

taking the perfect wrong road I would love so much,

it’s just a sliver of angel keeping me from

making my name the only thing you can scream.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/16/17

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your fingers mend with mine

your lips are my addiction


Can’t help

needing this

more than

I want to walk straight


Too many bridges

we can’t burn them down

we have so much fire

and no gasoline to keep us smoothed over,

we will cross this line

again and again





I swallow you like the truth I can’t stop pushing off


If this is selfish

I never want to be selfless again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 4/14/17

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