Concieve Believe Achieve

Conceive Believe Achieve

The arrow points the way to heaven up above
It is part of God's gift this mission of love
We all need a direction to go with our lives,
There's no better way, there's no compromise

The first step is Jesus as he points the way
It is by his example that we should live each day
He died on the cross so that we can try harder,
To learn of God's wisdom and to love one another

We next must believe with all of our heart,
In God's ultimate goal and our important part
He loves each one of us for what the bible says is true,
But to love and believe in yourself is entirely up to you

As our love grows for what life has to bestow
It should become quite evident what God wants us to know
That the glory of loving others and caring for our fellow man
Is to love almighty God and to carry out his supreme plan

These steps are all necessary for a life ever after
So keep them in mind as you begin your next chapter
We all will falter on our way to the top,
But it's so very important to keep loving and to never stop.

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Day I Lit My Fart On Fire

Day I Lit My Fart On Fire

it was a cold bitter chill through the air
darkened corridors,
I was hunched over and decided to do the deed
I took my lighter to the edge of my Ass

holding my hand to it for something to grasp
lit the base of my bottom & let it rip baby
Suddenly a volcanic eruption overflowed its every where
then I shed a single tear to help numb the inner pain

the onlookers my friends must have thought I was insane
yet I was merely trying to prove a point
you can light anything on fire
as it burns with thought or desire

news spread abroad all over town
they must have thought I was some clown
yet I am a true man after all
for this was heaven sent a direct revelation my call

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Far Side Of The Hill

There's only one way to find out
how the grass tastes
on the far side of the hill.

I have an unshakable believe that it IS sweet
but only if you choose the right hill and the right way to get there.
But faith is unshakable.

Therefore I ride on, without retreat,
and go to find the grass that's sweet.
Though I must leave the 99 in the open country.
Just for a time.
Or perhaps for a time and half a time.
Who can say.
So I'll let Him tell you.


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Looking out my window
As the icicles hung from the roof,

The sun melted the water from them
And as each drop fell to the ground,

I remembered the tears that fell from my eyes
Every time we fought and you went away

The drops from the icicles froze
once the sun went away

Never to fall again;
Unlike the tears which still fall from my eyes

Because you went away with the sun
Never to return

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Backyard Fences

Backyard Fences

you want to plan a murder ?
your mind is racing
its the cause for religion
in certain circles running

Light of illumination
who gets the getaway car ?
running through loop holes
in vested portals,

the glamour girl with big florescent eyes
a vast mirage to the never world
the whole host of togetherness
yet we still barter for socks

a derision of a laundry basket filled
toilet paper down to the final roll
we clasp our hands then long to amuse
outside we see the backyard fence

broken bottles line the vast expanse of its decorum
the conclaves of caged barbaric remnants ensue
what has become of the earth
what has become of her pale sister

let us bask in the vast array of logical persuasion
come to the inner realization that you are light
a beacon of hope to a hurting world in search of love
the varnished creatures are all in search of blood

taunting through the exploits all alone
yet searching for a new way to discover
its the in tuned harmony to the hidden beasts reality
society has lost its way in the night

sounds of laughter once filtered through the air
today we are left with a toast of sullen brevity
time will tell when the water will boil
a challenge to be free is a question of time

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A rarity indeed,
 Certainly a strange expression this day in June
 The sun breathes light upon the opened patio
 A sunset, awe inspiring, halts me in progress

 I reflect, stare, gaze in quiet contemplation
 Peace befalls me, calms me, envelops me
 In my mind's eye I see memories,
 Special times shared

 Pink flows to purple
 This time, this place slowly fading
 Please don't go. But, alas, I know you must
 it sets

 Turning inward,
 Choices, decisions all done and finished have led me here,
 Here to this place of reflection

 Old times gone, right and wrong have led me here,
 Here to this place of reflection
 Certainly a strange expression this day in June
 A rarity indeed  
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Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

a pause to meditate on the pay
a humble need to bow the knee to pray
you came to open our hearts
to turn us from Satan onto God

that we may have forgiveness of sin
and inheritance among us
which is sanctified by faith that is in him
Lord, you drew a line in the sand
parting way for the accusers to prevent her from being stoned
picked up the cross on the way to Golgotha

taught us from the sermon of the mount
feeding of the five thousand
you rose again & then appeared to your chosen one's
Jesus...Jesus...Jesus your the lover of our soul
you come take control
come with healing in your hand

Father forgive them for we know not what they do
he said the prayer now the rest is up to you.
you provided sight to the blind
cast out demons to that troubled man
when will we ever live to understand

Come fill our hearts with your dear love
sent by your angels from the hand of God
shelter us with your rich message of hope
Give us your peace that passes all understanding
blood stained crown upon your head
you were risen from the dead

you were with Satan in the desert alone
cast thyself down he said but you never relented
Lord Jesus be with us today
show all of us the way to heaven we pray

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Ride Like The Wind

Ride Like The Wind

breath deep
look at the sky
can you see the images passing you by
we are living on the edge
its going to my head
sitting up at night
all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky
I see a vision of you pass me by

breath deep & let it out again
won't you help me my faithful friend
ride like the wind
through the breeze
going to knock you to you knees
when I was young making love was for fun
now I'm older now
no use when your hand is on the plow

shouts of joy maybe some laughing gas
no one in this life gets by on any free pass
it used to mean something to fall in love
now today those thoughts get swept under the rug
I think I need a big hug
break it down one last time
do you remember when you were broke
down to your last thin dime
today I'm just doing time
locked inside no where to hide
going to ride like the wind and just glide

memories are made with lovers to appease
strength in the numbers is your noble deed
go tell it to a tomb stone when you all alone
like a dog without its bone
a plate of fish is my favorite dish
sorry that I missed
the purple passion in the smile of your eyes
does this waiting quest come at a big surprise

say loddie doddie we like to party
my girlfriend left me for glossed over ivy
eye candy get me a sip of your Brandy
nothing fancy got this party in a fix
sorry that I missed
see ya on the flip side cheese
gonna knock boots and socks down to your knees
start spreading the disease going live as you please
these are desolate times
yet we settle for ill but faded rhymes
let's look above to the heavenly love
soon all this will be kicked underneath the rug.

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The Power of Touch

The Power of Touch

Have you ever thought about a simple touch,
How it can say a little or mean so much,
Reaching, searching, night or day,
Caring, loving or just to play

Looking for acceptance and a chance to be free
Will you let me in ?

Will you let me be me ?
Will you share with me, my joy and pain ?

Together in touch we both will gain
The energy tingles the senses, then becoming aware

A trusting comfort that you really care
Feel my spirit touch your inner peace

Together in emotion feeling safe to release
Spirits touching, sharing and embracing here

Welcome laughing, loving and flowing tears
Feel the warmth, and set your spirit free

Take your time, find the comfort;
You have touched me.

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