Right there.
That’s where you are right there.
I never said it would be fair
But where you are is where.

you’re blue
but I can get you through
Although I may need some help, it’s true
That I can help you through.

Cause where?
Right there.
You’re in my heart that’s where
For no-one else have I a care
Your place is in my heart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of a Dr.Seuss style; could you guess? lol Enjoy!

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His Poem

Your eyes light up my day
Your touch drives me absolutely insane

Your smile is infectious
Your laugh is music to my ears

When we are apart I feel
I feel like i'm missing something
Something important
Something I need

I dont think you know how much
You mean to me
When we fight i get so upset
But only because you dont believe me when i say i love you

You gave me the great gift of your presence
We've been best friends for awhile
But you mean so much more
I told you secrets
You told me yours

In your hand you hold my heart
And in mine I hold yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something i wrote for my bestfriend...he's really special to me

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Psalm of The Broken


My eyes have not seen
And my ears have not heard
What my heart wants to know.
My tongue is a snake
A poisonous viper.
My hands are evil
But cannot leave me.
My soul is in torment
It haunts me day and night.
My heart is broken;
Love has long left it.

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Did I go too far


Did I go to far when I said I cared
did I go beyond
did I try to be something I can never

was my sin having feelings
when I opened up
did I show too much of my heart

Did I press my luck when I dreamed
of you
Did I see what I could never have

A silent kind of crying

Bitter taste
In my mouth,
A knot in my Stomach
And throat
Sitting in my room
I keep my breathing even,
And I don't make a sound,
Yet no matter how hard I try
The tears keep coming down.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments and thoughts appreciated.

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It’s Not Over


I know that we haven’t
Reached that point yet
But I have a feeling
That we never will

But if we do
Claim that it’s over
I will never agree
Because it’s not over

It will never be
For you it may be
But for me it’s not over
Because you gave me life

You breathed in my heart
Making it beat again
When at one time
I truly thought it was dead

You revived me
Brought me back to life
More than that
You made me feel

And for all that
I am thankful
And for that reason
It’s not over

Written on
April 8, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for my Babadee, Tom Neville. No, i dont think this poem is anywhere near as good as some of the others, but it got posted just the same. And i just realized that the title is a Chris Daughtry song. I didn't mean to, but it happened just the same.

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Visions Of You!


As I sit here thinking of you
The sky reminds me of days a new

The shelter you give holds me up
The visions I see are to Glorify Thee

The sun rise peeks in to say
God gave you a brand new day.

The visions of you keeps my heart content
As the day goes on I stare at the sky
Sometimes I look up to ask you why?

But your love sustains me in the visions of you
I see your hand as you make me new.

O Lord keep those sky's so pretty and blue
help me see more visions of you.

Written By: Betty Bolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries

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Wordless Rhythms


Wordless rhythms -
if you close your eyes and imagine
strip away all the noise
and simply listen,
what will you hear?
A quiet thought
nagging at the soul
A silent question
at the back of your mind
A mute whisper
regretting that more could have been done.
If you would just close your eyes and listen,
you would know,
we are broken.
We need life,
not death.

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Where my heart should be
There is an empty cavity

I was tortured in my life
Nothing but fear, pain and strife

My heart would pound and be sent reeling
By every worthless horrible feeling

Then one day I found a knife
to end my fear, pain and strife

One quick plunge is all it would take
To remove my heart for my minds sake

Now being void of every lovely feeling
I long for my heart to be sent reeling

I try to be happy, be sad, feel
But it's hard to fake something real

Now I realize my mistake
It's not so bad for a heart to ache

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