my ode entitled 'numb heart'


Numb Heart

My chest is a bit numb
Since the family begun
The first of my posse
Truly was French Royalty

Turned his back on gold
The story I've been told
Came to England with Lover
Did not want any other

No gold could supplement
The love he had to lament
The wealth was not desired
Left France for a better life

Many years before it happened
His family descended from serpent
In the satanic house of David
Line back to serpent and Eve

But the thing is about Cain
His descendents just not the same
Seem to have a frozen heart
No love lost from the start

Because I descend from him
Even though, wat ered down a bit
Good people and hearts a plenty
Grace my amazing family

This is reason, can’t feel anything
Though not for the w ant of trying
In the vicinity of my ribs
Inherited this, the heartless bit

Ok, I’m just so emotional
Well plugged into the spiritual
But its numbness in my chest
Sometimes it’s just a pest

It just doesn’t feel normal
A lack of pure emotional
Wish had a heart opener with me
Like portable open heart surgery

Got plenty of crystals; meditation too
All designed to help me move
My heart in the right direction
And propel me to a higher vibration

Feels like the cain bloodline
Has committed lots of crimes
And polluted my family history
But I m ust not deny it’s me

Am proud, the first of my tribe
Turned his back on cash for life
More concerned with gains of love
And connection with god above

It’s lam bing seas on, they are
Bouncing around with their mums
Glad I don’t eat meat now
Could never eat pig sheep or cow

Funny story bout a trader
Tried to gain an advantage
His job was dealing commodities
So he thought would try some LSD

For some insight; inside tracks
To make a success of his trades
To get himself a better life
Boy, did his plan backfire

Haunted by visions; slaughter houses
Dead animals, blood everywhere
Spirit lead him to the dark side of
His business haunting, had to stop

Natural highs the way to go
And to be totally selfless too
Then spirit will see your interests
Then might decide to help you

The divine knows every secret
Every move, all your interests
And if your in it for selfish gain
Nothing for you sadly but pain

But if your on the right side
Entirely honourable; shining white light
You might get the help you need
From the amazing divinity

Shame they cant fix my genes
To emanate more love from me
And to curb this horrible temper too
But regardless, divine, angels: Love you

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True happiness.

True happiness
doesn't come from the treasures
or wealth that we acquire
but the contentment
of love peace
and the place we call home
within our hearts and minds
our love for God
and spiritual growth
to which we aspire.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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Orange and Red

The Sun sets, in hues of orange and red
Still i'm blue with you in my chest
forget my head
I'm not lonely, not even upset
I simply can't sleep without you
I miss being able to rest
Every moment of my timeless day
Seems to fade, yet not always ending the same
Its a computer program
and you're the glitch
Bring emotion in this land of mania
Love beyond bliss
This existence is infinite I can clearly see
Opened myself up to All-Possibility
Yet you are the only mystery that still profounds me
I stop and still feel you all around me
I miss your smile
I miss your taste
I miss our silly laughs and childish games
I miss being able to stroke your face
Until these vibrating cell walls fall again
The least is I may still be able to call you my friend
But until then, and this fence ends;
The Sun sets, in hues of orange and red

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I actually made this profile just for this poem.

Seeds of love.

She planted seeds of love
deep in my heart
that flourished and bloomed like a flower
nourished with soft warm tender kisses
and summer love
that rained down on me
like a welcoming refreshing
invigorating shower.

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

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love poem for the future

In life my hope is to find someone to share
My everything with, and to whom I will love to Which no one could compare
Someone to hold when the shadows cast over us all
Encasing me any Which way I see, painting all the walls
Someone to be the star in my sky
My light from above, warming my soul Someone that I
Could share my secrets, life, love, and time with
We could live forever making every second timeless
Somebody that sees me as I'd see in the mirror
Except they see through my flesh and bone, thus seeing me clearer
Down to every wrinkle, spread across my brain
Seeing me through my stubbornness and all my pain
Someone who could understand me fully
Someone to love me unconditionally
Someone who's feelings mirror my own
Warm, caring, someone who feels like home
Someone who craves what I see in them
Someone who after it all, I would do it all over again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

why cant i find someone like this

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Stand Strong

Life is just too hard
You fight your battles
And all you get are scars
You let someone in
And they break your heart
No one understands you
Just for who you are

There are times when we feel we’re not enough
That’s when you need to turn to God above

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

I know it hurts
When they attack you with their words
But you’re stronger than you know
And you don’t know how much THEY hurt
It might be
That they’re scared of life too
And what they might need
Is the hero inside you

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

You don’t know how much you’re worth
So get out of the dirt
And live the life you’ve been given
I know
That sometimes it’s too hard
So shine just like the stars
Cause the One who died for you
Is there to help you up

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

Stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

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My Angel

I could search for a million years, i would still never find the correct words.
And the one thing i fear the most is that my true feelings will never be heard by you
You'll never know how much i care and how much your love means to me

I could walk all around the world, and i still would never find the words because the feeling i feel inside my heart is a feeling that has never been felt
I'm so deep in love, it's never been so hard to say the way i feel

I wish i could run away with you, far away to a place where there'll be angels who'll describe to you the way i feel
Feel for you, feel about you
I'd pick a Sunday to run away with you
Because the angels would totally be there at the disposal of you and me
The reason i need the angels to talk to you for me is that you're an angel yourself.. my angel
So maybe you'll understand the angels when they tell you how i feel

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Maybe I'm tripping.
Maybe it's just my mind playing tricks on me..
But who am i kidding,
I'm falling apart and it couldn't be more obvious to see

Maybe i feel too hard for her.
Or maybe i just didn't play my cards right..
The way she took all my energy out of me got me feeling bare,
And i'm left with nothing but memories that are black and white.

Maybe i should just cry.
Or maybe i should just give up on love and throw the middle finger at Cupid..
But memories of how i used to lose myself between her thigh, got me on a leash and i'm still stuck on stupid.

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Untitled. . .

Jake: Hey, where r u?
Olivea: In my mind, thinking about you. I miss you.
Jake: I miss u 2. But its only ben 3 hrs.
Olivea: I must admit, my feelings for you have bloomed like flowers.
Jake: Wat r u sayin?
Olivea: Nevermind. This obviously is not the time.
Jake: Oh. R ur rents home?
Olivea: Im afraid Im here alone.
Jake: Gr8 so i cn cum ovr?
Olivea: You havent been over since October!
Jake: Yea i need u 2 hlp me with sumthin.
Olivea: What do you need? What time are you coming.
Jake: 1st i need a yes.
Olivea: Okay, what is it? I'll try my best!
Jake: I rlly need 2 hav sex.
Olivea: But we're not together yet.
Jake: but i luv u
Olivea: As much as I wish that were true, I must admit a crime is due.
Jake: im not lieing i <3 u.
Olivea: My <3 once was for you, but now I see this day I rue.
Jake: ur acting rlly lame
Olivea: Ill give you my heart so you can feel its pain!
Jake:Lol i dnt want it. keep it.
Olivea: So much for love, it must be funny.
Jake: lol shut up. i didnt luv u. oviously.

Sharmaine Marie
NOV 7 2012 9:16 PM

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I cant remember where I got the idea from, but I remember just sitting there and jumping into writing it. The names mean something, which will be explained in part 2. The way the writing is means something also. It isnt as deep as it could be, but i got the general message. I try to make these a little interactive, so what do you think the names mean? What do you think the text and grammar mean? Or any other thoughts. Please comment!!!!!

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