ambrosia's desire

naughty ramblings

I have not touched you in the place I'd like to be touched
I have no way to describe its clutch
You may think that place we'll go is too much
I think it's a high we deserve as such

Emotions we'll share are like no other
This love had been known to smother
But I feel your need to be my lover

My heart is slow to accept another
Remembering you blinds me to all others

To feel you close is all I require
To shift my heart and take me higher

This place is where I long to be
This place we go where we are we


For what reason did you think you had the right?
I said no and fought with all my might.
You didn't listen, for you didn't really care.
You laced your fingers around the small of my back which was bare.
Then pushed yourslf into what could never belong to you..
Your grip was hard as you told me what to do.
The more I tried to resist, the more it hurt inside.
All that was left to do was to sit, and wait, and cry.
You pound my body and go deeper.
You had become my innocence reaper.
With every passing second the pain didnt go away..
The panting in my ears, you whispering for me to stay.
You took without remorse.
You gave me no choice.
I will never forget the pain I heard in your voice.
When you were finished you left me there alone.
You took the only thing I had left, and could ever call my own.

One Last Time

Everyday seems like a living dream
Sleeping into a nonexisting world of impossiblities
And then you wake up
Limited by actions and urges to continue more
One last time

Your mind then wanders off into a different dimension
A realm of warmth and comfort
No worries
Just Pleasure
One last time

The urge is no more than just a habit
A soul quenching paradox
Confused and depressed
Only if I did it
One last time

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His Poem

Your eyes light up my day
Your touch drives me absolutely insane

Your smile is infectious
Your laugh is music to my ears

When we are apart I feel
I feel like i'm missing something
Something important
Something I need

I dont think you know how much
You mean to me
When we fight i get so upset
But only because you dont believe me when i say i love you

You gave me the great gift of your presence
We've been best friends for awhile
But you mean so much more
I told you secrets
You told me yours

In your hand you hold my heart
And in mine I hold yours.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just something i wrote for my bestfriend...he's really special to me

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Let's Realize

I look like I'm about to cry
and I just can't hide it
anymore. When
I try to be strong
everything seems to go
all wrong.
So can we all try to get
fighting is only
doing us wrong
why is it taking us
so long
to realize whats
really going

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