A cry to home

In a desolate wasteland a baby cries
feeling the coldness for the first time,
crying desperately, remembering the comfort of a warmer place
We eventually get accustomed to the coldness of change
and if we are wise, we embrace it.
We jump on its back and tame it.
What else are we to do? Its the best we can do.
My eyes are filled with something sacred,
but whats the matter, if nobody notices it?
Are we all sunk in the mud, comfortably numb?
forgetting the warmth of love that surrounds us
We hold it in, we do not cry, for we do not even remember
the warm embrace of a place we once called home.
Where is our desire to get back?
Our desperate cries to return?

This abnormality,
this pain, this darkness,
has become what we know.

But I have learned a powerful secret
whispered to me from that place of love.
That place I long to return to,
has been within me all along.
I am home. I am love.
I am the comforting embrace
for all those in this dark place.
I am water for all those who desperately thirst.
Right Here Now is Forever.
It is not a place in time.
It is a place beyond worlds
a little bit of the Divine

Falling to the bottom of a well,
There was no such thing as light,
as far as I could tell.
Then I heard the call,
of love beyond comprehension
Calling me to this sacred moment
Non physical, beyond definition.

And I tell you now,
as I will scream out
every moment, with every angel,
living loud...

Hope could never have tasted so sweet,
as it did from forgetting it existed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I couldn't appreciate the light within me as well,
if I had never lived in such darkness.

Home could never have tasted so sweet,
as it did from forgetting it existed.

For those we lost <3

Poems for 2012

In life you can choose.
Live easy and hope it works.
Work hard and make it work.
But for some cant choose.

The life they would like they cant have.
They try there best, fight for what they want.
But in the end others tear them down.
Giving them feeling they never show.

Now they are no more.
It happened so quick.
They hope we forget them fast.
But in my mind you shall all last.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the memory of all the lost ones. <3

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Desire Fire

My Love

“Pitch black all around
Was how my life looked
Until you came into it
And brought me light.”

Nah, that’s too cliché

How about:
“I was just fine
Before I met you
And I didn’t even like you much at first
I thought you were cute
But I didn’t like your attitude
Yet you grew on me
Like a rose growing onto a stone wall
But the closer I got to you
The more I could feel the heat of a fire out of my control
It wasn’t that you loved me
It is just your personality
To burn those closest to you
But I couldn’t leave
I had fallen for the flames
And though I sometimes danced in your inferno
I couldn’t help but to come out burned

We’re opposites, you and I
For where you burn
I am ice-cold
So it didn’t hurt me when you left
Not as much as you would’ve felt
But I still want you back
It’s not a pain
But an ache
And the only thing that can melt my heart,
That can teach me to love again
Is you.”

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Just A Dream

Light and Dark

Swirling phantasms all around me
Death and life both in accord
Time is years in seconds counting
And yet no time I can afford

A flash, a face
A twinge of feeling
Just a second
Sends my heart reeling
The old scars
I thought were healing
Suddenly open
And start bleeding

I can’t take it
My heart breaks
All I want is your embrace
Please come back
Don’t leave me here
Don’t leave me to the void I fear

Time is fading, eternity ending
Daylight’s footfalls at the door
Reaching out so you can save me
Just a dream, nothing more.

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A Love Gone Wrong (It's Just Like Me)

Its was just like me to write you a song
Months after a love gone wrong
My heart had slowly bled onto my sleeve
Taking me back to when you decided to leave

And still I'm wondering if those tears were for you or for me
If I was moarning your exit or the hole you left gaping
And the memories, they won't fade
I'll have to take them to the grave, as I decay
Barely grasping all that could have been

Its was just like me to write you a song
Not knowing it was for me all along
Never realizing that I was naïve
And was leading my heart on track to be decieved

Not finding out why these tears, why they are falling
When its clearly clear that they didn't fall for me
Cause you dug your own grave
And there you lay, engulfed in decay
Barely gasping the air you gave to sin

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The right way

So much hate in this world, So many tears, and So many fears in this world that turns.
Turns So slowly like and empty merry go round abandoned by the children.
They loathe and conquer the meek. They digest souls as they walk aimlessly.
They are everywhere omnisciently waiting to devour.
They know not another way to live. They wouldn’t change if they could.
If you, like so many wear your heart on your sleeve they will steal it from you. They will fight one another for your heart for theirs does not beat with love and compassion, it only knows hate.
Their hateful hearts feed off love. They steal love like something on a shelf unaware they are captors.
They devour and indulge in helpless souls that endeavor to find love.
You expect one day for them to see their evil ways. It will never happen.
You wait foolishly like the rest just to contest and complain, all the while rotting your brain to nothing.
You let your heart bleed out precious blood. This is the blood that saves instead of prey, the blood pure with true intentions and valuable lessons. This is the blood that was passed down generations just for your heart to beat and be torn to pieces like a vicious lion mauling its victim.
You must move on. You are better than this. The entire world is not this way.
This world is not only dismay and destruction. It is more! You must find your way in this darkness we call the world with no light. You must fight and struggle to break free and find peace.
You will obtain the peace; you will find it like lost keys one day, probably in front of your face begging you to look while you turn the other way.
You must for now continue the journey and the learning, the struggle and the yearning.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I approached writing this in a much different way that when i usually write. I'm just experimenting with this and will probably add much more to it.

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Innocence and Instinct

Light and Dark

Faceless fear
Brilliant Courage
My angel my innocence
My demon my instinct
The devil in my head
The angel in my heart
What is my face
Harder to find
Always fighting
Never resting
One would set me free
The other takes control of me
I want the angel
While I court the devil
Who will win my heart
But until we have faces
We will always wear a mask

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It's not my place to tell the stars
their order's out of line.
Nor, tell them which direction
I think they ought to shine.

It's not for me to scorn the moon,
when she hides herself away.
Nor, direct her to the water
and tell her how to sway.

The sun of course, can't hear me say,
that every morning, every ray,
his light's too bright and scares away,
my shadow buddies, kept at bay.

My voice can't carry all that far,
to travel space and time to stars.
My voice of course, it knows it's part,
to whisper to your heart.

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A New Favorite Memory


You don’t know
You just can’t understand
But every time I’m with you
Like footprints in the sand
A new memory created
And that one’s my new favorite
Like this first time we dated
Etched onto my heart

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