My Heart Stops


I have had a dark past,
With so many things I never told you,
I couldn't tell you...
I told you many things though,
I was afraid,
I wanted to cry.
Every time I told you something,
I didn't know what you were thinking,
Tears  began to fall,
My heart rate seemed to pick up,
Anxiety seemed to take control,
Its foot on the gas,
And I just couldn't stop,
I worried,
I cried,
I wanted to scream,
I wanted to hear someone say,
"It'll be ok",
No one did,
You understand now?
I can't trust,
Not yet at least,
You said I could for you,
I promise to try,
I can feel anxiety still pushing,
Pushing me forward,
But what happens when I run out of fuel,
Out of energy,
Is it true?
My heart will stop?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for a special someone who I hope will read this... ✋

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Seraphim's picture

I love it. It's very well

I love it. It's very well thought out, and being a car guy I like the relations between the heart and a gas pedal. Keep writing, and keep your chin up! The story always ends well... Your Friend, ~Seraphim~

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