Within A Heart

There dwells within me a lonely heart
Untold dreams of a soul
There within dwells a heart of love
So it seems, A dreamer

So what resides per chance
Left there to die among the dreamer
Since a heart long forgotten
Days gone by in a w ake

Lives in a heart, pray tell, what
At all that never dreams
Lonely bitter soul it seems
Behind a wall it hides

As the w all stands firm
It lets no other heart come ne ar
Love and laughter it does not feel
The one it should hold dear

The wall will crumble in time
To love's pure light to give away
The heart will dream once again
To greater heights and fly.

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A Bridled Panther Stallion

The Heart

Resent all that has happened
and fall upon the spike.
That's you're only wish when you rely on sorrows bike.
I offer you a ride
through sadness and remorse.
A bridled panther stallion unlike any other horse.
The journey will be long and filled with danger too.
Just listen to you're heart. I swear I'll bring you through.

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Truth's Heart


My heart speaks
It sings
It beats
Once again

Remembering you
Takes me to memories
I long to make new
To allow the old to fade

I am sitting and waiting
Knowing my heart
Speaks true

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my soul blew in from the east
where the sun rises perpetually
it carried with it all the debris from yesterday
soiled and stained and riddled w/rust

my heart blew in from the west
with the sunrise and the peasants and the beaches
and it grew in my chest like an aging child
breaking through to adulthood & extinction

my memory blew in from beyond the sea
& the currents of the oceans carried with it
my heart & soul – now complete, I push on into the night
chasing my breath, creating my dreams

Author's Notes/Comments: 

From my poetry collection called 'A Place In Time' as yet unpublished.

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My Name is...


Thought I was above emotions,

not even tiny bit.

But till it hits,



of affection that made the heart

Roar as the midnight tide,

Bottled inside.



from the longing daze

across the wide hallway

to the burning blaze

of my rapid pulse


there is nothing is left

of my molten flesh,

cannot grab a hold

on my dying soul.


I have fallen

fallen hard,

into the pit

you didn’t mean to dig.

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Look Here


Do you feel

The way my heart

Is slamming in my chest

Pounding harder and harder

Not a moments rest


Do you see

The look in my eyes

That’s pain my dear

Something else too

I’m scared hears my fear


I don’t feel

Like you know I’m there

I feel your gaze, it passes

Right through my skull

Add one to my slashes


I don’t see

You showing me – anything

My heartache worsens

I know I hold you naught

But your hold begins to loosen



Written on

June 20, 2007

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Paul. during one of our arguments.

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Tough Love


Double and triple protection

Was lain over my heart

Didn’t want it broken again

The healing did just start


He abused it – nearly destroyed it

So I became so cold

And built the walls again

The patterns getting quite old


So what did you do to me

I built them strong – made to last

You brought them crashing down

Burying in the rubble my past


And now I’m the one falling

Shedding my old skin

Feeling my heart grow strong

Because you helped me love again



Written on

April 2, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was writen to Paul.

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Trusting Heart

A chapter unknown and path unfold
as the heart sits in the dark cold and alone

The mind is a tornado of thoughts
my emotions are nothing but knots
wondering why, how hard I fought
let it break down my spirit I will not

Words meanings are prestigious
thoughts betray those who they adore
true hearty feeling are so conspicuous
Inside the same wounds are torn

A trusting heart is easily fracture
even build hard by former regret
to often is it shattered by its loving nature
stronger it will become never forget

A moment of lust growing into more is cut short
never to become more as the door is shut
welded by solid liquid hate it is an iron fort
every attempt at sunder leave the heart cut

Blinded to the clash of minds inside
deaf to the inner morals around
numb to the lashing in it side
the trusting hearts pieces will be found

The hearts confidence in others
puts in the line of fire by another
time and time again it will shudder
as with love it subjects, it will shower

A chapter unknown and path unfold
as the heart sits in the dark cold and alone

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How a heart can broken always even if by means unknown

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that little girl inside

I say to that little girl inside

there's no longer any need to hide

these fears you have are not the truth

trust me friend time to let loose


I love you dear with all my heart 

come closer now and hear this part

you're free to be yourself you know

open your heart and let it show


share with others what you learn

help them see what they can't discern

guide them as they learn to fight

show them how to find the light


have some fun along the way

spread your wings and trust your play

power from your greatest source

the heart of child spreads joy of coarse


I say to you little girl I cried

in me I swear you can confide

I will not push you back inside

instead I vow I will provide


the safest place where you'll reside

we'll take everything in stride

and you and me will set aside

our hate our blame our shame our pride


all the pain will soon subside

as you and me become allied

our hearts will become bona fide

as our love is re-applied


to everything we do or say

we'll try not to go astray

but if we do we will not punish

we'll forgive and then astonish


all those who did not believe

all those who still misconceive

and all of those who preconceive

or better yet tried to deceive


they will see that we are free

but there really is no guarantee

that any of them will concede

that they were wrong or couldn't see


truth be known is not well taken

don't want for you to be mistaken

we always fear we'll be forsaken

but truth will help us reawaken


I say to you little girl inside

it's time now for me to step aside

and let you finally decide

to come out from this place you hide








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