Without you love, Life isn't worth trying

My heart is able to like,
and it is able to adore.

But even with all its might,
It cannot love anymore.

For it was left, broken and shattered,
At the foot of your walls of pride,

I feel so crippled and battered,
For no matter how hard I have tried

I cannot give up on your love,
Though it brings more pain than joy.

Your walls of pride, I shall go above,
And though it is my heart you will destroy.

I will go up your walls of pride, climbing,
for without your love, life isn’t worth trying.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

haha, this is just straight up self-pity poetry. hope yall enjoy

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Secrets of the Heart


Secrets of the Heart
The heart is not the maker, but the bringer of all there is.
It changes to the soul of the person, good or evil.
The heart is honest, a liar, a lover, and a hater.
It feeds on hatred, and blossoms from happiness.
One word can tear it apart, and leave it defenseless.
A line can make it flutter, and skip a beat.
Or it can be cold like the steel iron of war, instruments of death.
Conveying landmarks throughout the pages of history.
Those who look too deep can become lost, hidden.
Or vanity can rise and one can easily reach the bottom.
Smiles and grins can change the surface from a hard shell into an open wound.
Soft like the pellets of a rose, can leave it open to pain and suffering.
Those who keep their iron shields will be free from damage, but lacking in joy.
A risk one must decide on their own.
Catastrophies full of lives could be torn at a whim, or saved by a request.
One strong enough could scatter apparitions across the planet, leaving echoes in the wind.
Simple yet complicated, just like the light and darkness.
All are different, and are all the same.
Without them, nothing will be pure, only destruction and chaos.
With them, nothing is sure, similar to life and death.
His is one of the utmost difficulty, filled with puddles and lakes.
In places there a barren desserts, filled with the devils of pleasure that run wild and prey on the souls of the innocent.
And in some there are vivacious creatures and beings filled with the energy and given the breath of life that compares to one at the Holy Ones gate.
For a while, no one was granted entrance into this heart, only fools who dared to try were quickly cast away, left in the wake of his horrid history.
Many came and gone trying to break this wall protecting his most sacred treasure, many thought they found the key, but were sadly mistaken.
But then came the day where there was One, the One who held the key.
Love was exchanged, or so it seemed, and he embraced her with all of his being.
Hiding nothing from her and doing his all to please her.
Spending every waking second trying to keep her with him.
But for some reason, unknown to him, she left him, betrayed his love and ripped his heart out of his chest.
The lies and promises she told him never left his head, haunting him day after day, constantly tearing at his soul.
He hated her, he loved her, he needed her, he despised her.
All these things attacking at once were too much to handle.
So he did what he thought was best, he destroyed his heart, voiding himself of emotion.
And after that day, he left a trail of broken hearts behind him, moving onto the next heart until he grew tired of it.
Then one day, he met another, One similar to the other, but yet very different.
This intrigued him, and he decided to play this little game and see how far it went.
But as time went by he realized how it was slowly turning from being a game and into someting more serious, more limpid.
Fearing of the pain that broke him once he tried to end it, thinking it would solve everything, but he was too late.
The door to his heart was wide open like the fields of Garden of Eden, and she was his Tree of Life.
He did what he could to get away from her, lying, cheating. But all in vain.
Her purity did not let his plan stain her, for her love was true, shining brilliantly.
He did not want to admit it and never showed her, but her love for him was as strong as his love for her.
She, unlike the other One, truly wanted to be with him and wanted to stay.
After time he finally realized the angel sent to him, and embraced her.
In time his heart healed, and was able to fully extend his love for her, and reach her outstretched hand.
Hard times went by to destroy their bond but all failed.
Their love is brighter than the light itself, and time is only making the rays even brighter.
The secrets of his heart were in the form of light and darkness.
Only light can defeat the darkness, and love is the purest form of light.

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The Heart of the Matter

Friend, you are worth
more than I'll know,
and the days that we're together
might go a different road.

You trusted me
with some of your heart;
may it not be for loss -
may I guard my part.

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"No More Holocausts"

My Work

Stone cold monument
taking joy, from life.
One Holy Presence,
demands a sacrifice.

Hearts turning slowly,
from the Face of Love.
How can this be,
What was He thinking of?

Kidnapped from innocence;
with dreams torn apart,
I tripped in His Presence,
over my broken heart.

How could I begin to approach
His Holy Light?
All my good intentions
couldn’t cleanse me in His sight.

He spoke,”This is My Promise,
This Blood will cover you-
you will be my witness,
that My Love is ever true".

I saw blood upon the sand,
for me His Son had died.
"No, I screamed!"I did not understand,
Why was He crucified?

He pointed to an empty grave,
He said,"He is not here."
"Believe it, faith your life will save",
and then He drew me near.

"Your peace already cost a Life,
the price for it was won.
By the Perfect Sacrifice,
that lay in the Heart of My Son.

No more tear filled nights;
no more agony,
I will be your guiding light,
you can learn to trust Me.

In the Battle of the Ages,
no child will be lost.
Though hell and darkness rages,
no more Holocausts."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The price for me. AND....you.

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In My Heart!

When people think by their heart,
An excellence is seen,
In their performance part!

What makes a heart so special for all?
A heart carries righteous,
Does not let it fall….

A heart has a divine connect,
It never disconnects,

A heart speaks as to what will work out,
A heart can be trusted without any doubt,

Ask the Lord to enter your heart today and to stay,
To guide you and bless you, each and every day!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many times the heart takes you to the victory line!

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~Autumn Blessings~
(Blessed Heart)

Feel chill in the******Air everywhere
Fall is wonderful***** and you can have fun
Cause in so many ways is different from
The other three seasons and theres just none
Like fall you can see the trees changing
Colours as they show beautiful hues
Sometimes you can smell cinnamon
Which lingers on the air with
Pumpkin pie in the mix
Children have fun
Play with leaves
That covers

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000




"Blessed Heart" is a poetry style created by
Dorian Petersen Potter,on September 17,2010.

It consists of 13 lines in total.
Line 1: 4 syllables/6 spaces/4 syllable.
Line 2: 5 syllables/5 spaces/5 syllables.
Then from lines 3 to 11 is:
11/10/9/9/8/7/6/4/3/2/1 syllables
Rhyming is optional
Any subject
This form has to be center alligned to
show the heart shape.


Author notes: sorry, but I still don't know yet how to center-alligned my pages.I have to make the
time and find out how to do this here with this new server in the site that we have now :) Site was
moved and still I'm working on getting used to the way things are now, which were all changed.

Heartless Transfer

I was feeling my cold nostalgia hitting me again
Cold, from the snow at my aunt's house during Christmas
The winter night was everywhere and yet so hard to see
There was the spotlight of an incandescent lamp giving the black sky an orange flare and a place to see the white snow
The rest was all dark but that was what I wanted to see
I could remember the snowflakes falling so gently, making the snow so smooth
I wish I could lie there all night 
Under one light
As if the cold didn't touch me
I wish everyone could see it, but no one else could
I'll never know why everyone wanted to leave
And when it came time to leave, I had no choice
My heart,
My heart stayed
It's almost like I don't use my heart anymore because it just isn't with me now
A part of me would want to bring it here
I just can't move on
I don't think I can ever move on...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Kind of reminds me of Clocks by Coldplay, "Home, home, where I wanted to be home..."

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What Is Love 2


It is the disliking of their annoying habits
The way they make you feel when they are far away
The way you touch their soul with a simple “Good morning”
Love is ignorance of their imperfections.
It is hating their morning routines of brushing their teeth in the shower
Hating the way they must eat Cup O’ Noodles with a spoon.
Hating how they must sleep on the left side of the bed with the T.V on for two hours
Love is stupid and addicted to our hearts.
It allows you to grow wiser
It allows you to discover new adventures
It allows you to compromise if they let you
The memories over power all the negative
The Negative makes you stronger to conquer
Love is wishing they are by your side
Kissing their lips
Forgetting the world exsists
Letting go of the past and imagenine the future.
What is Love?
Love is me with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Had words in my head, had to just put them in writting and hoped they make sence. Eventually this poem will be revised.

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Blood of my pen; Ink of my heart

I never had it my way, but I always made things
catching feelings and emotions, now you know
that hurts.
So I pour my heart out through a P.O.E.M; a
'Personal Opinion Expressed Maturely', you think
know me, I would not have it any other way-
Nowadays 'free expression' may have consequences,
so many stay quiet, but not me...
you see this is nothing new to me, I LOVE THIS!
I write with the blood of my pen and the ink of my
When will the wars end? daily casualties are a new
trend, we cannot pretend we are not affected,
brave men and woman brainwashed, dying for our
Have you heard the latest?
'gang affiliation and felonies' dropped from the
list to enlist...our troops are not safe with felons
and gangsters amongst them...that is pathetic!
Killers with bulletproof vest, I massacre words and
ideas, no disrespect, spilling the blood of my pen
and the ink of my heart upon these pages of life-
A young mother, a wife to be, now will be a single
mother, her man was a junkie...yesterday he O.D.
I knew a Valedictorian in High School, she was a dear
friend to me...behind her smile she hid her loneliness.
No one knew of her illness, the last conversation
we had, she told me I was becoming a man-
a week later I received the news, my friend killed
herself, she had cancer and did not want no one to
see her like a monster.
These are the feelings I cannot keep inside,
the blood of my pen will always spill, the ink of my
heart will never dry...but if what you hear is still not
to your interest, what can I say?
I really do not care!
Are you aware of your capabilities?
It seems to me, you may be confused, would not know
where to begin even with directions!
Pay attention, my dedication to the spoken word is a
token from above.
What is your potential?
never give up, never let your dream die, build your
credentials. A beautiful mind is essential, do not let
it go to waste-
taste the sweetness of your success, do not grow old
and bitter- even in the face of obscurity we must
Hold your own, be strong and bold!!
Express yourself, SHOUT if you have too...
if you MUST,
let the blood of your pen write,
and the ink of your heart flow freely.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In dedication of my dear friend Ann, R.I.P.

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