Boundless Beauty

Love Poems

With its glimmer, the essence of your eyes reveals the tales of untold passion and unbound love
With its sway, the grace of such alluring hair casts upon the world the auras of infinite light and emotion
With your smile, all sources of pounding pain are erased with an embrace daring to all forms of darkness
With your approach, the beats of my heart rhythmically resonate with the natural tendency of the universe

With your touch, a cleansing so magical redeems the worn fractions of my form with a hope shining as bright as the wildest of stars, offering vivid glimpses into the vistas of unreal heavens
With your presence, the pace of the world’s unwanted commotion fades into the threads of nothingness, and the potency of your being illuminates my world with the rays of inspiration

The sweetness of your voice kindles the fires of my lost vitality, and reincarnates the spires of my soul with the flames of life and the tears of joy
The whims of sparkles emanating throughout the endless plains stretching throughout the infinite scope of your wondrously precious eyes, enlightens me with all the beauty the exists in heaven, and in hell

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Transcendence of Love

Love Poems

The ultimate freedom the tingles of your gestures offer bless me with a subliminally sanctioned transformation
The celestially stimulated contact with your being unleashes a fire unfettered even by the sowed roots of superstition
The sparkling symphonies which mingle harmoniously throughout the insightful plains of your eye’s instigation
Illuminates with potent ability the sources of my skeptical form, torching the flames of genuinely generous inspiration

The swaying of your boundless aura of profound beauty engulfs the miseries of the world with the spires of artistically embellished inclination
Filling the hollow pits of perpetuating idleness with the dynamic flowing of resonating intuition
Enriching the destined damnations of my split soul with a bridge built merely of lov’e constitution
Embracing the long lost stagnated scars of the past not with easy effort recalled, but with the streaming by which its resurfacing leads to reincarnation

The paramount pains of the universally practiced acts which be performed on the superficial grounds of an inhibiting stage
Ultimately prevents the binding of our lost fates, by which the whims of our capriciously wondrous love may fluently flourish
Placing obstacles above the ones naturally set, whose physical laws impede our eternal escape from the flaws of this perfect world, before time comes of us age
A flee which corresponds to the timeless cries of those who craved true transcendence, by which an authentic love be nourished

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Infinite Fire

Love Poems

With a delicately detached attraction to the magnifying grace of your possessing beauty
I stand in a static simulation where senses unite to innocently scrutinize the details of your divinity
Feeling an enchanting energy encompassing the essence of my currently embellished entity
I savor the fluent flowings of the streams of serenity which reinvent the trances of tranquility

Throughout the plains of comatose connection to the apathetically inducing surroundings of apparitions
I deliberately dive into the deliverance of your inexplicably profound influence over my cognition
Mending the cables of its knotted disposition, and allowing the culmination of fine synchronization
Liberating the confines by which time suppresses straining memories, and by which space seperates me from the reviving warmth of your symbolic presence, and your creation of my forever sought redemption

Despite the destructively haunting pains which linger portraying a horrific sense of dismal grief
I maintain steadfast in its perpetual rebirth, and sear through samsara’s recurring sheath
Throughout the chaotic composure which assembles fallacies evoking misconceptions of my true desire
I shall unwind the cobwebs of my dementing deterioration, and pursure your embrace, to once again, kindle the ruins of my soul with infinite fire

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Impact of Your Existence

Love Poems

The refurbishing grace of your resonating perfection eradicates of the chaotic origins of strain
Encompassing the depths of my ethereal form with a spiritual embodiment of pleasure and pain
Uplifting the standardized dogmas of all what may be perceived with an embrace invigorating to the origin of my being
Casting me unhindered and ascended throughout the formless plains of my untold passion, and igniting my innate crave for seeing

The boundless horizons of your incomprehensible mirage of existential fluidity
Derides the ingenuinely respects attachments to which our blindness be sustenance
And flawlessly diffuses into the landscapes of my uninformed convictions and fragile awakenings
Soaring throughout the shattered assembly of my mingled construction, offering a deleting deliverance

The encompassing warmth of your soothing touch disperses amongst the damaged beats of my torn heart
The sublime offerings of the priceless smiles you bring to life kindles the hidden realizations lost in the concealment of a mind’s guileful trickery
The mystifying absolution of the piercing divinity dancing amongst the rectifying rays soaring though and out of your alluring eyes, provokes a healing and innocent hope daring to sorrow as it is to the fatal chains of destiny

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Love Poems

Darling the sun be none without your eye’s shine
oh how alone I’ve been without your smile
The one that tickles my heart with a heavenly harp’s notes
The one that sives sorrow a new meaning with hope

Mind so poor lacking upright stand
Playing awful tricks that drive me mad
The only cure that prevails any ounce of peace
Lies within the light of your eyes that fails to cease

Fear I’ve known sensing nothing but sorrow
Doubt I’ve seen seeing no tomorrow
Weak my soul through endurances dealt
Blessed with love by an angel so sweet, sweetness her heart tender mine to melt

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Softly intense in its tone
Wondrously loud it does grow

Hear the beating in your ears
Feel the pulse in your soul

The rhythm is there before your eyes
Just open your heart and see

Just minutes to play for you
Hours upon hours of work went into this

This is music, the finest in the world
Heard and played with the heart and soul

Written on
August 6, 2001

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was the other poem I found. It is obviously about music. I wrote this one day I was in band. Yes, I was in the marching band. :D.

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Your Toy


Did you know that I am so
Very sorry that we met,
I wouldn’t have a thing that
I was addicted to,

But I did, do I want a change?
I think not; I wouldn’t want
It any way than it is already
Because I just love you

The way you are
I wouldn’t change anything
About you or the situation
We are currently in

That is how much I love you
Letting you keep her as a ‘toy’
Because you seem to want that
So that you will have

I wont let you know how much
This hurts me, cant you see it,
Right behind this fake ass smile
You want her, so you shall have her

But I cannot have it where
You leave me for her I just cannot
It would be like Gallagher
Smashing a watermelon

But instead of a watermelon
It will be my heart
Shattered into so many pieces
And I’ll just leave them

Exactly where they lay
So every time you come around
(Will you come around?)
You will see the hurt and pain

But that time isn’t now
For now I will have you
Right when I can have you
And we won’t even talk about her

Written on
October 16, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written about Tom ___. I know I have yet to post his last name because of her. There will probably end up being a time when I go back and edit these poems, but for now I'll just leave it be.

"Peace begins with a smile" -Mother Teresa

Quote A Day

The great Mother Teresa was a very quotable kind of lady. As a matter of fact, it seemed like God blessed her with the gift of words, the ability to fight off an army of hate just by opening her mouth to speak a few thoughts of love. I suppose that is where this all begins. You must understand her talent, the beauty of her gift, and the divinity of it all. To not love Mother Teresa is like a cardinal sin, but I suppose it it possible. So if you are reading this and think that way maybe you should understand what she is to me, verse to the world.
Everyone knows her story, so I wont go into it, but her story in my life is a bit different. In my life, she kinda doesn't really well exist. Of course she did and was an amazing woman, with a lot to share and cared about the well being of everyone but her words her works, where never directly spoken to me. So she is like a fairy, like an angel. And I believe in her, the same way I believe in God. I don't hold her that high, she isn't even a close second. However they are both beings that guide me, and they happened to be good friends. A quote from Mother Teresa was my come to Jesus moment, and every time I read her words, I have a come to Jesus moment, you might not, but we aint talking about you. To me she was superhuman, the things she did on this earth were not possible without the lord. She is proof in my eyes that Jesus is real., and that somebody really does love me.

Now that we got all that out of the way, the next quote from her won't haver to have such a long intro.

"Peace begins with a smile", but what the heck does that mean. For that matter what is peace in her eyes. Perhaps what she meant was that peace begins with a kind gesture, a smile not only with your mouth but with your heart. Maybe the way to solve the pains and hurt of the world is hidden in a smile. There are many ways to smile, you can smile with your eyes, your mouth of course, and a deeper way, that requires more thought, a smile with your heart. I believe she wanted us to smile with our hearts.
A smile isn't suppose to be a sneaky move, a dishonest display, but a kind way to say hello, or that you understand, or you love the person, or you understand. When you smile mean it, don't smile because you have nothing else to do. Don't abuse the power of a smile to hurt someone. Don't smile because someone tells you to, if they don't have a camera in front of you to capture the moment, you are only pretending to be happy. They say you only get what you give. Walk around pissed off and everyone and everything will piss you off any more. Yet a smile is contagious, a smile will warm a heart.
If a situation comes down to understand each other's point. Not giving in or giving up but simply listening and understanding where the other person is coming from. Facing their culture, their ideas with open eyes and an open heart. Smile. That smile regardless if you are still confused, means you are trying to understand. Or you don't really understand right now, it means you are gonna one day understand. Don't look a someone with wondering eyes or talk about someone because you don't understand the way they think, or the way they are. Just smile, and pray for understanding.
I think that is what she meant, let your heart smile. Don't grow bitter because you are confused or don't understand where the person is coming from. Take their words, their views in consideration. Review it more, talk to them about what how it feels to be them, put yourself in their shoes. Wouldn't you want someone to smell and show a little acceptance to you? The more we accept the differences between us will only make us stronger. Don't buy into the idea that if you believe in the right for someone to be love, believe or think differently then you do, that somehow your own values dimmish.
Who you are is who you are, you can't change you. You can only make you better. And while I am telling you to be kind to people who are different that you, I don't mean abandon your own differences. Simply accept theirs.

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Heart Call

Lover's Call:-

When I see you, I just feel like smiling,
With you in my heart:- my love is dialing,
A number in you, that connects straight,
To take me for a date!!
I Love You!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about the cute sizzle, in the non verble love expression between lovers.