It’s Not Over


I know that we haven’t
Reached that point yet
But I have a feeling
That we never will

But if we do
Claim that it’s over
I will never agree
Because it’s not over

It will never be
For you it may be
But for me it’s not over
Because you gave me life

You breathed in my heart
Making it beat again
When at one time
I truly thought it was dead

You revived me
Brought me back to life
More than that
You made me feel

And for all that
I am thankful
And for that reason
It’s not over

Written on
April 8, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written for my Babadee, Tom Neville. No, i dont think this poem is anywhere near as good as some of the others, but it got posted just the same. And i just realized that the title is a Chris Daughtry song. I didn't mean to, but it happened just the same.

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