*All or Nothing At All*

April .12. 2005/ March .24. 2014
Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

Sweety I got the chance to embrace you as a friend 
I got the chance to share your love and romance
Baby don't get me wrong I don't want any of it to end 
You'll forever be in and apart of my innocence 
My loving friendship to you I'll always send 

But sweety lately it's either your friendship or it's your love 
You tell me 
Baby I want all or nothing at all 
I can't set one of them free
I need to have both or my heart will fall

Why is it when I find something so true
I have to always let it go 
It's so unfair and makes me so blue
How to deal I just don't know


When we lay so close together
And you kiss me so gently
I want to keep you forever
But I only hold that mentally


It's all or nothing at all
My sweet love you make me happy
I ask of God to not let either heart fall
And maybe in the future my girls can call you daddy


Keep them company
With me watch them grow 
What ever you do don't dump me 
Because it seems with you 
They really want to know 
Help them be able to see
That their love it's okay to show


Baby I'm sorry it's all or nothing at all
What are you looking for 
Together the five of us have a ball
You know where to find me 
When you are looking for more 
So for now I guess I'll set you free



Author's Notes/Comments: 

shaniya loves her mommy and nobody can change it i love mommys work


*To My Kitty Cat*

Trisha m. Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to Tops from Tree Tops Pool at Fernwood Resorts 

I miss my little kitty cat 
He loves me so 
Each day he would purr and fall asleep on my lap 
The trust he has in me only i know 

Its not fair 
When i left work i had to leave him behind 
Nobody knows for him just how much i care 
A special kitty cat like him again ill never find 
My life with him i want to forever share 

My father he doesn't understand 
He doesn't know i cry at night 
Tops is not coming home is all he demands 
So the memory of my kitty cat i hold on tight 


I will never forget 
Every morning i would call and there he is to greet 
I do want to thank god that kitty and i met 
But i don't understand my kitty why couldn't i keep 


It is so hard to go on each day 
Without seeing his cute tiny face 
I hope he's safe and warm this to God i pray 
In my heart he holds a special place


No matter where i go 
I will never really forget the day i had to say good-bye 
I didn't abandon my kitty i hope God will let him alone 
And my heart still will ache and cry 


I send to my kitty cat 
All the love i can give 
He will always be my very best friend 
A happy and healthy life i hope he will live 
I want him to know I will love him beyond life's end 



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Shift up, Shift down

You shift up, you shift down

Once were you there,

Now hither you are

Slow moving over time,

Moving fast in instances


The dread falls upon

Everyone you knew

Then your still,

And everything you threw

Is but real


But the delight,

Brings you back to light

And then again,

You shift up, you shift down

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You have no idea

How much impact has added to my life

When you came, it was different.

But something was lacking,

Is it you? Is it me?

Various feelings are thrown.

Something feels unusual when we talk

Probably pressured is the word,

As I never want the conversation to end.


Time passes by, things change;

And you confessed

I never thought you would.

Not my fault I have chosen someone

Who is there everyday,

To make me laugh, smile and cry.

You have thrown away something

You think you’d have soon.

This is the real world,

Competition is always around the corner.

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Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend,

When the blackened hurtful night appears, and your ailing living soul heaves with crippling despair, at the darkness that well engulfs you to that sickly threshold, Hear these words unto thyself as they echo and rol,l

Hurry towards me no hesitation to start accept my all curing embrace, from your battered swollen heart sorrow and pain will rightfully depart with not a scaring trace.

Headlong I'll fall into your surrounding gloom, absent of doubt no regard for my own. I'll battle your every fear to a most worthy doom as a Heavenly sent righteous cyclone.

My stance immoveable your Godly form I'll protect dutiful and ever so earnest. Tireless my arms will shield and deflect the unholy cause of all the most cruelest.

This to you my Dearest Friend I pledge sincerely never shall my interest wane or cease. Eagerly I'll speed to your troubled hour oh so bravely steadfast my alliance will always remain.... never to decrease.

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No Doubt

Short Poems

There was never any doubt

Until the haze clouded over you

And that's when you burned out 

I thought you would get through


But as it becomes clear

Our friendship is done

But I still love you my dear

No matter how much you shun


All I can do is guess

Always blaming myself

All this causes is stress

Of course you can't trouble oneself




Author's Notes/Comments: 

not my best, but it's nice to be back. I hope someone at least enjoys this and that it speaks for itself. More to come about this.

The Lost Ones/ My Lost Friend

I locked myself behind this door to cut the probability of random events, and pretense. Foul intent is a common trait now days. There is no more loyalty, friends are potencial foes, and cunning enemys were your friends along, waiting for chance. This is life, today beneficial ties constitutes friendship, and love, it is dead, and been gone for awhile now. We live a ackward dance, in a mascaraed ball, masking self, and in pretending we forget who we are. Thus we are strangers, we are strange, and becoming stranger, betraying our reflections. So uncomfortable in the gaze looking back from the mirror, you have to look away, eyes saying you can fool everyone else, but not self. In the end you are your own worst enemy, and need a new name. But its never to late to be yourself, your real friends are still thinking of you, time and again.

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Cop Friend


I just met you

And you and I seem to be

Getting along pretty well


But this is just the beginning,

Who knows what will be next

Probably a good friendship


Because I already know

That a relationship is

Quite far out of the question


We have only known each

Other for a few days

But I can tell


That we will end up being

Very good friends

So here's to our friendship



Written on 

April 5, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The guy I wrote this about is a jailer. He asked for a poem, so I wrote him one. There would have been more to the story, but he is married.

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Nights can fall and shadow fills my heart , all i have to do to, to find faiths and see true love is those eyes, there is no lies only purity staring back at you, right to the core of my soul and i know, if sometimes, i feel i have lost faiths in my human fellows, those eyes take me back to hope and i know, love is real…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sleeping on my bed right now, the best loverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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