I Have an Unknown Friend

I have an unknown friend, who lives in the sky

Why I question him, I do not know why

I should not go to look for him, they say

But I know he'll want to look for me someday

I wonder, I ponder, even as I sleep

I dare not awake, for I have gone too deep

But again, the sun calls to another abrupt wake

Alone again, to find an answer for my sake

I take another step foward, for this I will fight

Forever wrapped in this question, how it echoes through the burning light

Tim McCravey, U.S.M.C.

I have a great friend and his name is Tim McCravey.

He joined the Marines instead of the Army or Navy.

He bravely fought in the Persian Gulf War.

It's people like him who Americans are thankful for.


During the war, I wrote to him and he sent me twenty bucks.

Anybody who has Tim for a friend, has plenty of luck.

He and I were friends thirty years ago and we're still friends today.

It's very nice to know that he's patriotic to the USA.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Timothy McCravey.

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facebook friend



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the only definition

that seems fittingly so,

is that a 'facebook friend'

could be anyone...

you simply do not know,

the 'unknown zone'

may be the place they

call home,

it's somewhere 'out there',

not here, and not gone.

so dear facebook friend,

with communication

so penned,

wherever you are,

i cannot say,

but you've been 

a dear friend,

forever and a day,

you are always there

with you cute

profile picture,

smiling as we chatter,

through the strains

of life's strictures,

i never met you,

and yet blindly, 

we converse,

about everything online, 

in fact, all in the universe,

you're there when

it's raining,

and even in the snow,

carved in digital 

realities, which

little of I know,

but now the time has come

for me to clean up 

this list, and i fear 

i must delete you,

oh, please don't 

be pissed!

exactly you're 

mission, i dont 

have clue, but 

believe me my dear,

our friendship's 

like glue,

on my page you

are hidden, 

so you won't notice

you're not there,

til your next quip

or comment,

attempted to share.

we never exchanged 

phone calls, or

met for a beer,

but my inbox is open

so you can email

all year, 

you live miles away,

but believe me 

of this,

you're as close 

as you were ever,

even though we 

n'er kissed,

if there's one 

thing to learn

from this digital void,

is that social networking's 

for fun, an accessory,

to be enjoyed,

because although

we are spirit,

this life is so,

so much more,

our friendship conceived

through this virtual birth,

but truly my friend,

our names on a list

does not show

our true worth.


3:04 PM 8/11/2013 ©


Author's Notes/Comments: 

What exactly is a 'facebook friend'? If you have never met the person, it is a friendship without a person. It is a name on a list. Oh, come on....we ar better than that!! ...hehe.... 

Love Note

paper plates fill the trashcan

and an orangie glow lights up the fire pit

in the distance i hear the faint sounds

of neighbors saying their goodbyes 

and car doors slamming.


one last dried up hamburger sits upon the grill

and as i wash the mustard stained spot from the table

i notice the note you left underneath the candle

my heart skips a beat as i freeze and wonder

should i just throw it in the trash?


after the coals grow cold and a cup of coffee

i reach for the blue paper that is

carefully inscripted with a heart next to my name

reminding me of another note you left me years ago

about your plans to leave for Japan


my heart racing i held it for a moment in utter panic

but pleasantly surprised to read the words

nothing wordy or sappy,

just an i love you, 

which made me very happy!




11:28 PM 7/3/2013 ©



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My heart may go wrong

started when i didn't want to

started when these thoughts 

made me wrong 

when i wanted friendship 

to be my whole world

you just entered 

what was that?

said what's wrong??

my eyes could see 

where everything could succeed 


how stupid i was

didn't even ever know

who i was

clouds all around me

smile always come to shine

when thou comments make a round

encircle every time every single time

may be i don't belong thou

that's why i didn't let my self know


but now this is the ending

of this broken road...







Author's Notes/Comments: 

i'm just confessing my feelings for someone  ( A_k_)

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Old Friend


Here comes the golden age

But we grow far each day

Like the moon, I can't reach you

Like the sea, I'm just so blue


I don't know what to say

It's like life has its own way

To make people go gray

I have to find my own way


I want to tell you something

How this bliss feels like

Each time, you left me hanging

Happiness soon dies


You know my heartbreaks,

Why do you leave me behind?

I opened my gates,

Why did you still stand aside?


I miss all of you already

I miss the times we told stories

I miss going out with you

I miss telling you the truth


You leave me behind again

Maybe this is how the world works

You don't dine with me again

I wish we'd go and laugh once more






I creeped into the house,

Where dwelled Warhead.

I stayed living there,

Yet he did hurt me.


Years ago, we lived in a home

In extreme circumstances.

No electricity, no water;

Disconnected from the outside world;

Being underground...


Warhead was regularly drunk,

And then became aggressive.

He evicted my friend from the house,

And now I lived alone with this creep.


I desired him to leave the house,

But I didn't spoke my mind.

Instead, one of my episodes,

Which he didn't like.


One evening I came home,

And all was scattered in glass.

He had crushed the glass door,

And ostracism all around.


He left thereafter...

Weeks later he returned,

And started to threaten me.

I was so afraid that I started to chant:

"IA! IA! Cthulhu fhtagn!"


Then the window fractured,

He had crushed it in.

With a stone,

So vicious.


Then the police came around the corner,

Warhead got arrested.

But not for long,

And this was frightening me.


So I took my Book of Shadows,

And took from there a spell.

This would bind Warhead,

So he could do no harm.


I made a voodoo-doll,

And bound it with a rope.

Said some mysterious phrases,

And buried him in the garden.


So now we were in the house,

But Warhead was not at home.

And if, he could do no harm,

'Cause he was under the spell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A terrible event that happened in my life.

What We Can Be


Okay, time to set the record straight.

I'm aware I'm always filling the role of the “nice guy.”

I'm aware it always lands me in the “friend zone.”

And I'm aware I may regret this all in the end,

But I refuse to play the role of the douche trying to get laid.

So I'm just gonna be straightforward.


I really like you.

I wanted to ask you out,

But then our whole relationship could have just been that awkward moment when you rejected me.



We could just hang out.

Become friends.

Slowly get to know everything about each other.

Find out who we truly are.

Become incapable of imagining a life without our friendship.


Just hear me out.

See, I don't want you to reject me based solely on the fact that you're not attracted to me.

I want you to know who I am.

To know I exist.

I believe a good relationship can only come from a good friendship.

And I swear I can be the best friend you've ever had.

I can see it all know.


You'll call me late at night with all your problems.

Venting about that bitch you hate or that ass you used to date.

I'll just sit there and listen, take it all in.

Day after day, night after night.

And I won't even mind.


Slowly, in your head, you'll compare me to those jerks you used to date.

You'll realize how good I am for you.

That I understand you.

But you'll never bring it up.

And neither will I.

You won't want to risk our friendship.

But I'll be patient and wait.

Because you're worth it.

We will both truly value our friendship.

You may think a relationship would be awkward at first,

But slowly the idea will grow on you.


You'll come to realize you can always depend on me for anything.

You'll realize this kind of friendship only comes once in a life.

And then eventually the moment will come.

A day where you'll think you're alone.



But then you'll look to your side and standing there will be me.

And at that moment, It will only feel natural.

It will only feel right.

Yet at the same time, It will feel like you're opening your eyes for the first time.

And for me, I will feel the greatest wave of relief ever experienced by man.


At that moment, you and I will realize the true definition of love and finally feel what it's like to be happy.

I guarantee that when you say “I love you” to me,

It will be the first time you truly mean it.

Then life will feel at ease,

Our minds finally at peace.


So what do you say?

Will you be my friend?


- The Coward

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What's this?
I found something amiss.
There's a pencil there,
Just lying on the stair.
Picked it up and what did I find?
A pencil of the same kind
That was a month ago I lost,
And a heartache it did cost.
But here it is, good as new.
Pencil, I'm glad I found you.
If you're the same one,
Guess what! You're home!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my sister's poem, and the sequel to her Lament of the Pencil.

She just put it up on Facebook with this text;

"Some of you may remember my Lament of the Pencil a while back. Well, I found a pencil that was curiously alike today, lying on the ground in the same building. Thought it seemed appropriate to write another little poem.

(Insert the poem here.)

It turned out pretty good, which is unusual. So now I'm convinced I can't write poetry unless it has to do with pencils."

So as you can see, my sister has little confidence in her poetry skills, which seems to be unfounded. Don't you think these are good?

Anyways, like before I will be letting her know about any comments, so just feel free to address them to her directly!

Link to Lament of the Pencil:

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