Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend,

When the blackened hurtful night appears, and your ailing living soul heaves with crippling despair, at the darkness that well engulfs you to that sickly threshold, Hear these words unto thyself as they echo and rol,l

Hurry towards me no hesitation to start accept my all curing embrace, from your battered swollen heart sorrow and pain will rightfully depart with not a scaring trace.

Headlong I'll fall into your surrounding gloom, absent of doubt no regard for my own. I'll battle your every fear to a most worthy doom as a Heavenly sent righteous cyclone.

My stance immoveable your Godly form I'll protect dutiful and ever so earnest. Tireless my arms will shield and deflect the unholy cause of all the most cruelest.

This to you my Dearest Friend I pledge sincerely never shall my interest wane or cease. Eagerly I'll speed to your troubled hour oh so bravely steadfast my alliance will always remain.... never to decrease.

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