Oh How You've Changed

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

Oh, what happened to the good times?
Did they simply fade away?
Oh no, they're still here.
As well as they are there.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

We laughed, we sang,
But now you have changed.
We laughed, we cried,
We practically died.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

We laughed, we played,
But you're not the same
We fought, we lied,
We were practically deprived.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I,

We laughed, we cried,
Remembering the good times.
But we know they'll stay the same.
And it still faded from our minds.
Until we go back in time.

Oh how you've changed,
As did I.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I LOVE this poem! It's another one of my favorites that I've written! It's about friendship and how it changes as you get older. I had to write a changing friendship poem for school.

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You were 6 and I was 10.
We were the best of friends,
Friends to the end was our vow.
Then the time came when you faded into the light.
Death came for you on that cold and rainy night.
You were 6 and I was 10 when we had our last fight.

Out in the deep blue sea our dads took you and me.
You started to get sick and I started to tease and pick.
Sea sickness I thought you had, yelling and shouting making you so mad.

I called you up that next night to apologize for the fight.
Your mom said you’re not feeling too good, you could not get out off bed.
Then late that night I got that call, they said you passed away.
You die in your moms arms that night.
How I wish that I could have helped you with that fight.

After that I wrote you letters and asked my dad to put them on your headstone.
I asked you to help my family because soon I would be all alone.
Loud tones at night and full of fright.
Then mom left dad and I was very sad and full of anger.
At the time I blamed myself for your death and dad and moms break up.
I Called mom at work one night because my dad was to drunk, My sister scared and my baby brother to young to care.
age 10 I went to the neighbors and carry my dad home with one arm around my shoulder.
My mom took us away late that night.
I did not understand it until many years later.
As I asked you for help, you did what I asked.
Knowing now if they had stayed together I wouldn't have this life I have.
Dad would still be drinking and mom would be so sad.
With your help we are all living a better life and that I'm doing go staying away from the knife.
I'll never forget the times we had long ago on a small Island they call Fogo.
And now to keep you in my mind I have this saying,
"You were 6 and I was 10, it was the end of your life but the beginning of poet6-10"

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Pretty Eyes

Pretty Pretty eye,
they all most hypnotize.
the prettiest color,
like no other,
I might just be obsessed,
but they are the best.
When i say they are my fave
and that i love them.
Please believe this true,
I only like them on you

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H-Handsome you are
U- unbelieveable
N- neat as can be
T-true and tender
E-Excellant in everything you do.
R-Respect you I do

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Hey There, Mikey

Misc Poems

He's alone in his bedroom
Starting to wonder
How did this happen to me?
No one listens to his cry
Said to himself
"If there is a God,
Why won't he let me die?"

But believe me
It's all gonna be okay
Please don't do that
I'd like you to stay

Hey there, Mikey
Everything will be fine
I'll fix this, I promise
I won't let you cry

They think he's crazy, a mad man
But they don't know
Innocence is hidden away
Held back from the world
Dead inside
Please send me an angel
I have a friend for them to guide

And just trust me
I'll make it all okay
Please don't say that
I want you to stay

Hey there, Mikey
Everything will be fine
I'll fix this, I promise
I won't let you cry

Author's Notes/Comments: 

[I started to write lyrics but it's more just poetic than anything.]

This was written a while ago for a good friend who was going through hard times.

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Her name is Chantal,
as cute as a bluebell,
I would help her up,
if she ever fell,
she has sunlight in her eyes,
and a burning secret to tell.

She will cast her spell,
if you mean you'll go to hell.
so don't say a thing about my Chantal!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

By Jen aged 2 x

we did for us

To lie for something
To lie for someone
but sometime it feels good
even after scolded by mom
we happy after every prank
you can see straight virility in our arm
the glorious face after a little gladness
show something else
different from it's appearance

I did the same thing
I went through the same way
but after met you
i got a knotty every where

you show me that
i never knew
you give the faith
you give the change
we went outside
we ran as we can
that was splendor for me
cause i saw that i never saw

we hugged
cause we didn't know
when that time come
we lie for the happiness
for everything we did

i was scolded a little bit
i was angry
i fought for me only
cause i'm incomplete in only me
i'm incomplete to fill blank in only me

To lie for something
To lie for someone
but sometime it feels good
even after scolded by mom

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem for my friend . I said about me and my friend in this poem

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Dear Old Friend


Dearest Friend,


It is past 12:00 am

I am laid down in my bed-

Not counting sheep, but thinking of you

It sucks because I can’t get you out of my head—

I think of all the good moments we had

The times you made me laugh and smile

During my most rainy days all the while.--

I think of your touch, your kiss

A passionate bliss.

Do you remember it?


You left, you were gone.

I realized it was just a dream. It is done.

My once colored world turned to a gloomy nightmare.

I wish you knew what I feel.

I am grasped in a sudden agony of despair; it’s so real.

I am Lost. Isolated. Miserable, Shattered, Alone.

Lost, isolated, miserable, shattered, Alone.

It is as if you’ve taken my soul.

And what’s left of me is my dead walking body.

I am nobody.

Things have changed. It’s different now.

It is as if I never existed. But how?

I don’t understand.

You don’t look at me the same way,

Or smile that lovely smile that would brighten my day.

Weird part is, you hate me

Yet I still love you.

Nothing hurts more--

Than knowing that he meant the world to you,

But you meant nothing to him.

At least, not today.

So I say to you these last words-

Thank you for all those precious moments you gave me

They mean a lot, although it didn’t last.

Heh, nothing does huh?

How stupid I was to think in fairy tales.

But this isn’t a fairy tale, its reality. Love fails.

I ask myself, should I regret loving you?

Oh, love may be cruel,

But if I didn’t meet you

I wouldn’t know its sublime power.

I forgive you. After all, all good things come to an end.

You were always my companion, my sweet, dearest friend.

So thank you.

I shall accept it and go home now.

It is time for me to move in a different path.

If I don’t, I will be doomed forever concealing this wrath.

But I tell you this, I shall love again.

You just weren’t the one.

It was nice meeting you Love,

Farewell, my dearest friend.






Author's Notes/Comments: 


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can't say " can we be friends"

don't know what in my heart

don't know what in my mind

but i'm worry too much

that i don't want to  be

not want to go in crowded place

can't say a single sentence

can we be friends

to see everywhere around me

my sense make round me

don't know how people people mix eachother

for me it is work of so many year

to talk with me freely

it is a work for me of many years

first thing i wach in everywhere

how people there,everywhere

when my friends with me

i'm still in tension

i want to leave it

i want to move on

and want to say that heart touch sentence

can we be friends

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this really happen with me. my all friends mix with others but i can't

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