Will You be My Friend?

I want to ask one thing in the end,

Will you be my friend?

Will you ever be with me like a shadow?

Will you go with me wherever I take you?


If you happen to be my buddy,

I will do anything for your safety,

Like a Trojan soldier,

I will be by your side ever.


Just say ‘yes’ now, will you?

 Let yourself earn a wonderful bro!

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true love! 2015

True love! 2015


there are two kinds of love i know one is for a friend

the other for your soul mate to which there is no end

when two hearts meet it's a gift from heaven above

thats when you hope and pray that it will be true love

you look at him across the room and when your eyes do meet

his smile is enough to excelerate your already fast heart beat

then you know with all your heart you'll never wanna part

it has you thinking with all your might it must be true love

he'll want to spend his time with you just because your you

your all he wants now and forever thats when you'll say i do

and when you do you'll feel just like a soaring dove

and you'll know with out a doubt that it really is true love




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem for my son he's in love and he thinks hes found his true love!!!   love you Jeffrey.


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Toxic friends! 2015

toxic friends 2015


the worse kinds of friends in life are called toxic friends

no matter if your hurting a hand they will not lend

they'll stab you in the back and then they walk away

there always crying on your shoulder every single day

but when you have a problem there quick to offend

thats when you think you've got a selfish toxic friend

there as two faced as they come just like a spoiled brat

they will tell all your secrets just like a dirty rat

lies that they will spread will hurt you to no end

that when you are certain you've got a toxic friend

so open up your eyes and watch all that you say

because it'll be made public the very next day

when you realise your so called friend is not so very nice

please let them go or it is you that will pay a heavy price

i hope you realise what they are before the very end

so you can back away and expell that very toxic friend




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i had a very toxic friend and this person almost ruined my life and if it can help anyone expell that toxic friend from there life then i have done what i set out to do help someone see that there worth more than that


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*A Friend*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


One that's by your side 

Day and night

The purring he never stops or tries to hide

He's happy when I come in sight

To visit or spend time with me 

Hours on end 


He meows when he wants mt attention

So I give him a hug and kiss

As I pet him

And in return he gives his loving affection


Tops has brough me joy

And will always

He will stay in my heart

Forever and until my dying days

He's so precious from my mind he won't part


Everyday I go to work and call his name 

He comes running my way

He's so funny when I play the string game

Tops is truely a great friend

I tell him that everyday

I will love him till past the end 


I will never forget

How he curled up in my lap to fall asleep

Thank you God for a special friend I met

He means so much to me 


I wish I could keep him forever

I don't want to set him free

But no matter what we are in our heart

We are together 


He's my best friend

I ask of you God to protect

And make sure he gets all the love I send 

Because He's my friend

One that's purr-fect



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my stray Tops from Tree Tops at Fernwood Resorts. I love and miss him

*I'm All Alone*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I can not trust a soul

I'm all alone

Closing my heart is my goal

My feelings I'm turning to stone


Devil in disguise 

Afraid to love

Always telling me lies

Always a push or shove

I can not confide in anyone

I sit here and cry

I can't even go out to have fun

My mind wants to die


I don't want to be close to you 

You treant me like a friend

But its not true

You sit there and pretend

I only wish I knew

Before I let you in my heart

Not I sit here down and blue

I'm always falling apart


My soul hurts everyday

Even my spilt personality hates me 

If it weren'I got writes t for my daughters

I wouldn't be here anyway

No one anyway with me sees

On what I say no one cares

Your love with me any more

You no longer share

Feelings you don't want to store



Not Done

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I got writers block again.. have to come back to it later

*It's Not Fair You're Gone, But Your Memory Will Remain*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


It wasn't your time to go 

I don't care what others say

You were too young This they must know

You still had many days

That belonged to you 

To spend with family and friends 

It's still not fair

Yeah I might not known you for very long

But you left a stain on my life

Enough to touch my heart

Enough to make me care

I could see your one of a kind

I've seen that from the start

You're your own person

You I'll remember as an awesome soul

You had the purest of hearts

Worth more then gold

Here on earth you still belong

I'm so sad you had to part

God must have other plans in store

He took you from the world down below

His request we must not ignore

So to the heavens above you must go 

The angels brought you up through the clouds

To start a new

To be with the ones who went before you

The ones that you knew

And help them with those left behind

To look over and protect

To keep from harm

In everything you will reflect

Always reminding us of your charm

You will be greatly missed

Someone as cool as you in your own ways

I'll never find again

Your friendship was a gift


We will be in pain for awhile

Some will cry themselves to sleep

But this is a must we have to walk this mile 

The pain will be steep

To feel the heartace to cry "why him"

Soon the pain will partially go away

But your memory won't be forgotten

You will always be in our hearts

And minds everyday

God taking you this early some may think is rotten

But keep in mind you're really not gone

You are here with us in every way 

From a new born smile

To the warmth of the sun

Even the stars at night

That one shooting star

That's you holding on tight

Waving at us and saying hi

Letting us know your not that far

But we know soon enough we must say good-bye

But not forever and we will keep you in our heart

For we will be seeing you again

So for now we must move on with love

We must go

Not soon....We won't know when 

We will meet again

When God wants us to 

To you our love we will always send

For the short time we knew you 

I am happy to have gotten the chance to know

A man of your kindness

In time my heart will beable to mend

And in my heart your memory will always show

Your memory will live on 

It will never disappear only forever grow



Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedicate to a friend of mine who died in his sleep

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*You're A Special Friend*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


A special friend in hand

Not only to be a friend

But to be a caring man

One that's true till the end


One who'll be there to show

Everything he has to offer

One that's always willing to grow

One that is a true lover 


As you get older 

You'll learn to take a risk

But just remember if you are down

You have my shoulder

To lean on whenever you wear a frown


You're a special friend

One that I can count on

A friendship I hope will never end

One that can not go wrong

My hugs and kisses I'll always send

Our love will always be strong

Our friendship isn't pretend 



not done yet 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem isnt done yet. i got writers block again

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My Zoey My friend!!! 2015

My Zoey My Freind ! 2015


my Zoey was special right from the start

because she knew what was in my heart

she was shy when we first met

as unsure of me as a pup can get

I wanted her as much as she needed me

so i got on the floor and waited to see

after a few minutes she came out form under

and wiggled up to me with eyes of wonder

the moment when we first met i didnt know

how much our love for one another would grow

shes been beside me from day one

laughing and barking having lots of fun

when i got beat up in a marriage of fears

she was always there to lick away my tears

she had a tumor that the vet removed

i cried oh Zoey my pet i loved

after she came home and was in pain

i was unsure shed be whole again

and she always slept upon my bed

and looked at me with eyes full of dread

i layed down on the floor and snuggled with her

slept there for weeks till she was better

she layed on the floor for me with no regret

i'd do it again for her that you can bet

when she got older she slowed way down

i took her to the vet that was down town

and they told me she had cancer again

that it was untreatable i cried not my friend

knowing my Zoey and i will soon part

thought back to our very first start

i fell to the floor and zoey heard my cries

she came up to me again and was drying my eyes

so with a mournfull soul and a heavy heart

i made the ultimate choice her life would end

but she would always be my Zoey my friend!!!!!


dedicated to my best friend i will always love you Zoey!!!!!



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a very hard time writing this poem and as i was writing this for my Zoey i was remembering how she always knew i was hurting and on the floor after i got hit by my ex-husband and every time she crawled right up to me and would lick my tears away and when she got cancer that first time and had that operation to remove that tumor she was in a lot of pain and hurting badly and couldnt even get up on the bed well i wasnt gonna let her lay down on the cold floor alone so i layed a blanket down on the floor and placed her gently on it and grabbed a pillow and layed down on the floor with her and cuddled with her every night till she was well enough to get on the bed again and i would do it again in a heart beat, because she did it for me countles times,and when she got sick again and i cried, again she was wiping away my tears  she was and will always be my lil zoey!

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*I Miss You Dearly My Love*


 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I sit here and wait

You not being here is 

What I mostly hate

The feelings for you that I have

Still burn


Deep inside my heart

When you left I got upset

And I fell apart

But I'm still happy

Because you I met


I know you'll come back to me

Because what we shared

Can never be just free

Because deep down I know you cared

And to survive

It's my love you really need


So when time is right

Come back and take hold of my hand

And this time hold on real tight

Because all this time right next to you 

Is where I'll always stand


I will be here for you 

When ever you need a shoulder to cry

What we have I know is true

So whatever happens love

I'll always give us another try


Just remember who is your friend 

Because in my heart you'll always be

I'll stick by you till the end 

And I'll never set you or our friendship free

The special bond we have